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MineZ: History

Jul 17, 2018
MineZ: History
  • This page will no longer be updated and has been left here for historical purposes.

    February 2013(top)

    Feb 17th
    • Massive map changes
    • Added Tahosa
    • Added Tristitia
    • Added Hole Of Death
    • Announced Krubera (Possibly Added)
    • Added Legendary weapons
    • Also lots of loot changes
    Feb 7th
    • Zombies tweaked:
      • They spawn more often in towns
      • Reach tweaked VERY slightly
      • Max horde size upped from 5 to 15
      • Natural zombie spawning at night enabled once more, with tweaks
    • Spawn kit leather armor now gives you a full set. Full set is dyed the player's rank also.
    • Premium members now spawn with a weak grapple (Fishing Rod)
    • Cows/Pigs now **very** rarely spawn.
    • Tweaked snowballs

    January 2013(top)

    Jan 29th
    • Massive loot rebalance, many areas had chest changes.
    Jan 27th
    Jan 11th
    • MineZ, LMS, Ghostcraft and the HCF servers merge into one lobby server. - play.MineZ.net / play.shotbow.net
    January 3rd - Development Changelog
    • Added colored armor on spawn to reflect your membership level (Silver gets silver leather armor etc.)
    • Colored armor now persists to the database, so you can use those dyes you should have used to heal people to dye your leather armor and not lose the color.
    • Fixed chests always having the same loot on rollout, also fixes LMS having the same loot on round start.
    • Added custom /help menu
    • Added message when a player kills another player on the coast telling them why the other player did not drop any items.
    • Fixed existing settlement buildings not staying at 100% for the 24 hours they should after being repaired fully.

    December 2012(top)

    Dec 29th - Development Changelog
    • Added Soulbound items which cannot be dropped and will not drop on death. All spawn kit items are now soulbound.
    • Modified inventory storage in the database
    • Fixed chests spawning with the wrong loot (I think :/)
    • Copied loot chests from the normal database to the beta database, making the loot match normal servers exactly (now go get your picks and stop whining!)
    • Implemented wave event plugin written by MrSnare on the event server.
    Dec 17th
    Dec 15th
    • Settlements released to private server beta on US1, US2, US4, EU1 and AU1 servers.
    Dec 14th
    • MineZ event server released. Events are held here with a separate DB from normal MineZ ensuring no item loss. event.MineZ.net
    • All Mil_epic chests below Z:-1900 were turned into Mil_rare chests as part of a rebalance.
    Dec 7th
    • Added 'blood' effects.
      • Players will give off redstone particles when hit. Zombies will give off end stone particles when hit.

    November 2012(top)

    Nov 30th - Development Changelog
    • Antilogger will now extend the time the NPC sticks around when hit.
    • Removed the 3 seconds of invulnerability the antilogger NPC has when spawned.
    • Giant stomp now inflicts slowness for a few seconds.
    • Logging in with players nearby now inflicts slowness for 1 minute.
    • Added zombie pigman mob.
      • Spawns baby zombies when killed.
    • Added Slimeballs, Sticks and Gold Nuggets as drops from the new mobs.
    • Safe logging now bypasses the 'in the air' check, meaning you are free to safe logout whilst standing on your favorite cliff.
    • You can no longer log in to two servers at a time by exploit.
    Nov 18th - Build Team Changelog
    Nov 12th - Development Changelog
    • Added Stone pickaxe to loot chests as settlement teaser
    • Fixed player zombies carrying one sword and magically disposing of the rest
    • Various fixes and adjustments for beta server settlements
    Nov ?
    • Settlements added to the beta platinum server for testing
    Nov 7th

    October 2012(top)

    Oct 31st
    Oct 27th
    Oct 18th - Development Changelog
    • Giants tweaked to be a bit harder
    • Added voting rewards
    • Added Grave robbing
    Oct 17th
    Oct ?
    Oct 5th - Build Team Changelog

    September 2012(top)

    Sep 25th - Development Changelog
    • Added Spawn Point selection for premium members
    • Friends system now persists between sessions for premium members
    • Added sugar to the loot tables
    Sep 25th - Build Team Changelog
    Sep 18th - Build Team Changelog
    Sep 11th - Development Changelog
    • Reduced zombie pull chance to 1/3 of the time
    • Last Man Standing beta testing opened to platinum members
    • Zombies speed slowed a bit
    Sep 9th - Development Changelog
    • Added Wave Defense gamemode to beta server for testing
    • Announced Last Man Standing gamemode
    • Zombies can now pull you from above or below them into their waiting arms
    Sep 7th - Build Team Changelog
    Unannounced additions:
    Sep 4th - Development Changelog
    • Begun development on wolves
    • Added fantastic custom cheat detection system so Lazer can laugh at hackers
    • Fixed a bug with buttons not despawning

    August 2012(top)

    Aug 31st - Bug Fixing (again)
    • Fixed swords so they break for good, overriding minecraft's lag bug
    • Fixed being able to change the data value for any item
    Aug 30th - Bug Fixing
    • Fixed cookie duping
    • Fixed unlimited sword durability glitch
    • Added a sound that plays when you get an achievement
    • Added a beta server for platinum members
    Aug 30th
    • Added the ability to add/remove friends with the /friend command. Wipes upon logging out.
    Aug 26th
    • Added the /colorblind command for player nameplates. (You only need to activate this ONCE)
    Aug 24th
    • Red and green nameplates are back
    Aug 22nd - Build Team Changelog
    Aug 20th - Development Changelog
    • Bug fixing for the stats system
    • Added a /logout command. Starts a 15 second countdown that logs you out without leaving an NPC behind. Also activated by right clicking the air with the eye of ender
    • Made the /stats show interface prettier
    • Few more bugfixes
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