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MineZ: Healers

Mar 17, 2018
MineZ: Healers

  • Healers(top)

    Healers are people who heal other players and are generally friendly. Unlike their opposite, bandits, who seem to kill the living out of bloodlust, or for loot, healers are rarer than bandits and can be found in many southern towns such as Portsmouth or Grimdale. Experienced healers will have, often times, very good armor on them. Don't be immediately turned off by their high-tier armor.

    Sometimes a group of bandits will have a healer with them. This healer is an important target for bandit-hunters as they will heal the bandits if you injure them and the bandits will likely not have healing equipment themselves.

    Traders may double as healers when they're not conducting business, and may heal you during or after a trade.

    Becoming a Healer(top)

    To become a healer, a player must use a bandage and shears, optionally with Healing Ointment or Antibiotics, on another player and increase their health or cure them of infection/disease. After a player has performed 16 heals, their name will gain a green Healer suffix, signifying that they are a healer. It is a good idea to have a Healing Ointment, Antibiotics and two or three bandages during your healer career. You should also get at least chainmail armor to be a healer to help prolong your hard work's payoff in the case of zombies or bandits, but hold off on the iron until you have a green nameplate; you may be mistaken for a bandit out of paranoia, due to the fact many elite bandits and massacre teams commonly use iron armor for their units.

    Being a healer also improves your chances of surviving an intrusion of experienced bandits; they will probably respect that you're a healer and try to get you to heal them rather than try to kill you. Whether or not you do so is entirely up to you. However, unless you're prepared to take them on, you should heal them. If they see you as a trustworthy person, they could recruit you or give you gear. If they recruit you you should accept, and only abandon them upon a logout, unless you want to stay on their good side. It is NOT recommended to stray off into the distance or turn on them for a more "lighter" group, this will usually enrage them and cause them to attack you on sight, regardless of equipment.

    It is never a good idea to attack a healer; doing so will almost instantly earn you a K.O.S. reputation and all nearby players will want to converge on you.


    A Healer's Inventory, breaking the stereotype of the "noob healer". Healing groups are, in today's MineZ, among the more influential groups in the world.

    The Suffix Healers Get