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MineZ: Grave Robbing

Mar 30, 2018
MineZ: Grave Robbing
  • Grave robbing is a feature in MineZ that lets the player rob a grave to find loot. An Iron shovel [IMG] is required to rob a grave. You can only rob graves by breaking mossy cobblestone on a grave with an Iron Shovel, which will take 10 seconds to break the mossy cobblestone. The grave will reappear again after 2 tips or 4 minutes after being robbed.
    When robbing, there is a 33% chance to give you an item and a 67% chance to spawn a zombie or a baby zombie. It is recommended not to dig graves up North as the loot isn't worth the effort and there is a chance that a Zombie pigman will spawn in the place of the zombie.

    Rarely, a chicken can spawn from the grave, which is probably the cause of the rare Chicken Jockey, from Vanilla Minecraft, which consists of a baby zombie riding a chicken.

    Other than the Smite II and Smite IV, which spawn at 60 and 118 durability respectively, everything drops at full durability.

    Obtainable Loot(top)

    Loot Image
    15 Arrows [IMG]
    Tattered Leather Tunic [IMG]
    Rusted Chain Helmet [IMG]
    Rusted Chain Chestplate [IMG]
    Rusted Chain Leggings [IMG]
    Rusted Chain Boots [IMG]
    Bow (Power I Punch I) [IMG]
    Stone Sword [IMG]
    Iron Sword [IMG]
    Iron Sword (Smite II Knockback I) [IMG]
    Iron Sword (Smite IV Knockback I) [IMG]
    Stone Button [IMG]
    Potion of Healing II [IMG]
    Cookie [IMG]

    Trivia (top)

    • Bones, mushrooms and all kind of potatoes used to be obtainable from grave robbing. The only way to find a bone now is from Fire Spire chests. These bones are called Old Gnawed Bone and it is used to open the Asindia Ruins mini-dungeon.