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MineZ: Giants

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Giants
  • Giants

    A Giant's Foot

    The Giant (or Giant Zombie) is a boss mob located in the northern canyons of MineZ. They are known to drop 'end-game' loot such as diamond swords, Infinity bows, Golden apples, golden carrots, and iron axes. It is one of the most iconic symbols of MineZ.


    They share the same texture as zombies, but are twelve blocks tall. They are capable of dealing varying high amounts of damage.

    They can use a special jump attack in which it jumps several blocks into the air, and lands, creating an explosive shockwave that knocks people back 15-30 blocks, does large amounts of damage, and inflicts a Slowness debuff. The closer you are away from the giant, the higher the amount of damage it will do. If you get too close the Giant, it will kick you away. This attack deals 6 hearts of damage to an unarmored player.

    When hit, it has a chance to spawn 1 zombie (or rarely a zombie pigman/baby pigman that instantly explodes due to fall damage) which will attack you.

    When killed, they drop a large amount of rotten flesh, and 0-4 of the other items (there can be duplicates). The diamond sword, the Infinity bow and the iron axe are always at full durability if dropped. Giants are not affected by bows, grenades or splash potions. The Smite enchantment also does not deal additional damage to Giants, although hitting the giant while in the air (crits) do deal additional damage.

    NOTE: Giants appear all over the gravel canyons region and are also found in dungeons.


    When there are no players nearby, the Giant will stand still. If a player is a relative distance away from a Giant, it will stomp occasionally. Although they won't effect the Giant's health, a bow can draw its attention to you. If a player has shot the giant, or is within viewing range similar to that of a zombie, it will run towards them.

    Giants have a difficult time jumping up even one block high jumps, and when they do clear it, they will jump an absurd height, sometimes looking as though they are going to stomp. Be careful, because the Giant may fall on top of you and kick you if they have enough velocity in your direction.

    Giants seem to spawn baby zombies pretty often, typically 1-3 times a Giant, so be wary of them.

    The Kick(top)

    The Giant can kick the player a pretty good distance as well as dealing [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] of damage. A Giant's kick is likely to be followed by a stomp.

    The Stomp(top)

    Occasionally, the Giant will jump high up in the air and come crashing down knocking all players an alarming distance. Giants often perform this upon getting hit or kicking. If you are in range of the stomp, you will recieve a maximum of [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] as well as getting slowness for 5 seconds. You can reduce the damage dealt to you in the stomp by half if you block with your sword as well as going farther from the Giant.

    Killing a Giant(top)

    The giant is immune to bows, grenades, and Smite. So your fight will depend entirely on the quality of your sword. Also bear in mind that the giant can only be hit by the legs, so going on top of a hill out of range of the giant's kicks and stomps will have no effect.

    Sword Types(top)

    The sword types in the game and how effective they are on Giants:
    Sword Type Image # of Hits to Kill Amount Required (at full durability)
    Iron Shovel [IMG] 75 4 or 5
    Stone Axe [IMG] 50 4 or 5
    Wooden Sword [IMG] 50 4 or 5
    Gold Sword [IMG] 50 9 or 10
    Stone Sword [IMG] 40 2 or 3
    Iron Sword [IMG] 34 (21 crit. hits) 1
    Diamond Sword [IMG] 29 (17 crit. hits) 1

    Methods of Attack(top)

    If you are fighting with other people, you may want to bring a healing kit, as you or your friends can whack the Giant and come back for a heal. You must still bring health pots just in case. If you are fighting alone, you will need about 1/3 of your inventory full of health pots, preferably Splash potions od Health II.

    When you're ready, run up to the Giant, and jump backwards, hitting the Giant as you land. This isn't the only method of attack, but it's a very efficient one. Note that zombies and maybe pigmen will spawn upon Giant hit, but keep hitting the Giant and when you get kicked/stomped, heal up and deal with the zombies while your friends take care of the Giant for a while (unless you are fighting solo).

    Also bear in mind that Giants are immune to fall damage and fire, like normal zombies, but you can go into little corners to prevent the Giant from kicking you, but you are more vulnerable to the stomp.


    While the percentages are not known, rotten flesh is the only guaranteed giant drop. Every other item has a chance of dropping from the Giant.

    Potential Drops
    Infinity I

    Before the August 2015 update, Giants dropped half durability-diamond swords, and did not drop iron axes, golden carrots, or golden apples.
    The Zombie Head Legendary Item was added to the possible drops in early 2018. This legendary was only obtainable in Devil's Respite; this makes the Zombie Head the only legendary found outside of a dungeon.


    • Placing a cobweb above your head can stop the stomp from knocking you long distances, or into the air.
    • Critical hits do affect the giant so try to get them as much as possible.
    • Cobwebs can also be placed to keep the Giant in one place for a while.
    • Spam-clicking a giant causes it to spawn zombies and stomp more often, and (probably) doesn't do as much damage.
    • Zombie pigmen have a chance of spawning upon Giant hit.
    • The only drop that's guaranteed to drop is the rotten flesh. You may have to kill multiple giants to get any valuable items.
    • If you plan on killing multiple Giants, you can use the golden apples dropped by giants to your advantage.
    • Some Giants that are spawned via a dispenser, dungeon, or admin do not drop loot (only drop Rotten Flesh).
    • Have sound or captions on as occasionally Giants will stomp but not jump, probably due to lag.
    • Sometimes a giant will jump to move up a block and not to stomp.
    • If you need to quickly get away from the Giant for any reason, jumping while it stomps will fling you far away, but can deal a little fall damage. This creates a good distance to pick off spawned zombies as well.
    • If brought into water, the Giant will quickly skim around the water, but not fall in. Fighting a giant in water can be difficult because if you attempt to come up for a breath, the giant will likely kick you, and the loot falls in the water and will be hard to find and sort through. But, if done successfully, all damage from stomps can be completely avoided by diving each stomp.
    • Kill a giant in a flat, open area - Some of the loot may fall in an unreachable place if you don't.
    • Jumping while walking backwards is about the speed that a Giant moves, confuses zombie AIs and will allow you to constantly deal critical damage to it.