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MineZ: Getting Started

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Getting Started
  • Welcome to MineZ, a zombie apocalypse game inspired by the popular Arma II mod DayZ. This tutorial to MineZ for newer, venturous survivors to MineZ will provide for you many helpful tips to survival!

    • MineZ is a zombie apocalypse game, so the only mobs to expect are zombies (and zombie pigmen!)
    • The experience level is your thirst level. 20 is the maximum amount of hydration you can have, but don't let it get to 0 otherwise you will start to dehydrate and die! You can only replenish it by drinking from your water bottle. For long journeys, it may be wiser to carry more than one water bottle and refill it in every town with water. Drink a water bottle ONLY when your thirst level is between 3-0.
    • The experience bar is the zombies' visibility level on you. The higher your visibility, the further and easier can a zombie spot you! You can sneak to keep your visibility to a minimum, but sprinting (even in water) and jumping will greatly increase your visibility and make you an easier target for zombies!
    • In MineZ, these zombies are faster, stronger and smarter than the ones you can find in Vanilla Minecraft. They are as fast as a sprinting person, but if they lose sight of you they find go back to your previous location to trap you.
    • Spawn into the world by typing /mz spawn on your chat or hit the sign at the end of the spawn tunnel. When you first spawn, you will spawn with a leather chestplate, a water bottle, a wooden sword, a bandage and an ender eye.
    • You can buy other things with XP on the XP Shop to add to your Spawn Kit (e.g speed pot, arrows, bow, 4 cookies etc.) as well as getting them from achievements.

    The Types of Players(top)

    • Bandits [IMG]are players that will kill anyone else on sight. They are categorized into several types: Train Bandits (players who lure large groups of zombies into a certain location), Leather Bandits (newly spawned bandits that hit anyone in sight despite having poor gear) Iron Roamers (iron-clad bandits that wander around the map, killing usually to obtain health potions), Tricksters (bandits who pretend to befriend you before killing you) and Massacre Teams (small groups of well-armed bandits that loot town by town). They can easily be spotted with sprinting players, clans of iron bandits and large slews of death messages appearing on the chat as they battle other groups of players. Bandits or players who have killed over 6 people will have the Bandit tag to warn others of their hostility.
    • Healers [IMG]are players that do not attack people on sight, but rather heal them (See Healing) and supply them with food, armor, gear etc. to send them on their way. However, do not let this facade of a friendly player fool you -occasionally, healers may be luring people with low health to them so they may kill them, as well as the fact that if you plan on becoming a healer, people may see you as a lesser-defended target and hunt you down. Healers that have healed 15 different people will have the Healer tag as a sign to others that they are reliable healers to trust.

    Basic Tips to Surviving(top)

    • It may be very useful for you to use the Official MineZ Map: The MineZ Map will show you the coordinates of all locations, where the chests are and what type of chest are they and information on all locations, including warnings and zombie spawn rates.
      • NOTE: THE MAP IS FOR THE MOST PART ALWAYS OUTDATED. Use the wiki pages as the most possibly reliable source of information!
    • Before heading to North, as long journeys will consume a lot of water and hunger it is extremely important that you have at least more than one water bottle and stock up on food. Do not start heading North until you have obtained both of those.
    • If a group of zombies spawn within a relatively close proximity to you, try to sneak to lower your visibility and keep your chances of getting spotted to the bare minimum.
    • In every town you go to that has a water source, refill your water bottles, drink from it and then refill it again as your first priority. Then, after you are done looting refill it, drink it and refill it back. This will ensure that you never run out of water or take any unnecessary damage from dehydration.
    Also, if you want another perspective, click here to go to a MineZ guide by PinkAng3l!