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MineZ: Food

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Food
  • Food is a class of item that restores the player's hunger bar on use. It is arguably the most important resource in the game. Nearly every action (moving, fighting, etc.) will deplete the hunger bar, and if it gets too low, the player will be in trouble. If a player's hunger bar drops to 6 points (or 3 shanks), they will lose the ability to sprint. If it drops down to 0, the player will slowly starve to death. For these reasons, food is a precious resource that should hold priority in one's inventory.

    Here is a chart with all the food currently available in-game.

    Name Image Hunger Points Restored Saturation Stack Size Total Quality Notes
    Apple [IMG] [IMG][IMG] 2.4 2 12.8 Found in all Food chests.
    Baked Potato [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 7.2 1 12.2 Obtainable from Fire Spire chests.
    Bread [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 6 3 33 Crafted with three wheat. A stack of three bread offers 15 hunger points and 18 saturation, more than any other stack of food. This makes bread the most space-efficient food for avoiding starvation. However, 3 wheat only makes one bread.
    Cake [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
    ([IMG] per use)
    (0.4 per use)
    1 16.4 Rare find in food_uncommon and food_rare chests. Placeable. Can be used 7 times, restoring 2 hunger points each time.
    Carrot [IMG] [IMG][IMG] 3.6 2 13.2 Found in all Food chests.
    Cookie [IMG] [IMG] 0.4 8 19.2 Obtainable from grave robbing; only one cookie drops. Crafted with two wheat and one cocoa bean. Useful for healing, as each provides a point of health while only restoring 2 points of hunger.
    Golden Apple [IMG] [IMG][IMG] 9.6 1 13.6 Rare find in pots_uncommo, pots_rare and dungeon_rare chests. Dropped by Giants.
    Health regenerates for 10 seconds after eating, and gives you 4 absorption hearts ([IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]) absorption for 2 minutes.
    Golden Carrot [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 14.4 1 20.4 Dropped by Giants.
    Melon Slice [IMG] [IMG] 1.2 4 12.8 Found in all Food chests.
    Mushroom Stew [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 7.2 1 13.2 Crafted from a brown mushroom, red mushroom and empty bowl (shapeless recipe). Bowl remains after use. It has a chance to drop from Floating Islands chests as well.
    Pumpkin Pie [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 4.8 1 12.8 Only found in food_rares. The rarest food item in the game.
    Raw Fish [IMG] [IMG] 0.4 1 2.4 Found in Civilian chests. The worst food item in the game.
    Rotten Flesh [IMG] [IMG][IMG] 0.8 1 4.8 Drops from almost all mobs and found in Civilian chests, food_commons and uncommons, and Ghost Ship chests.
    Does not restore health. 80% chance of food poisoning. If food poisoning is given, the quality drops to 1.8 instead of the 4.8 without. Drink milk to immediately cure the poison's effect.
    Because the Hunger effect doesn't stack, it is recommended to eat multiple Rotten Flesh at once, and then eat another food item to up your saturation.

    • 1: "Saturation" above does not refer to the MineZ thirst level.
    • 2: "Total Quality" means: (Hunger Points restored + Saturation restored) * maximum stack size.


    Trivia (top)

    • All kinds of potatoes used to be obtainable from Grave Robbing. These were replaced by Cookies.
    • Raw Beef, Raw Mutton and Raw Porkchop and their cooked variants used to be obtained by killing their respective animals that could be rarely be found in the wild. These were removed as they were not intended to apparently be on the world in the first place.