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MineZ: Dungeon Speed Run Rules

Feb 11, 2018
MineZ: Dungeon Speed Run Rules
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    If you're interested in speed running a dungeon, you've come to the right place! In this page you'll learn all about the rules and regulations on how to get your name and time on the MineZ wiki page.

    What is a Dungeon Speed Run?(top)

    A speed run is essential doing the dungeon is a test of skill and intellect by challenging the player to get from the beginning of the dungeon to the loot room as quickly as possible.

    All Shotbow rules still apply to Dungeon Speed runs. This includes no block glitching for example.

    A dungeon speed run will not be counted if there was no attempt to do the dungeon as fast as possible. Just because the dungeon was completed does not mean that it qualifies for a speed run time.


    Just like in regular video game speed running, there are of course different categories in which the participant can chose to do. For MineZ Dungeon speed runs, there are 4 possible options: Any % - Solo or Group and Speedless - Solo or Group

    Any %(top)

    Any % basically means that although the player still must start at the beginning of the dungeon, that player or group can do anything to get to the loot room as quickly as possible. This allows for speed potions, grapples or skipping rooms if a bug is found. The category gets split into Solo and Group because generally some dungeons can be done much quicker the more people you have.

    The following make any run Any %
    • Using a legendary
    • Skipping past a room


    Although the title only says not to use speed, the Speedless category implies no cheating the dungeon at all. This means no grapples, speed or cheating the dungeon by skipping rooms or exploiting bugs. The dungeon must be complete fairly and as it was intended. This category is more based on skill and execution rather than finding the best way to cheat the dungeon.

    Submitting your run(top)

    So you've picked your dungeon, and know what category you want to try. You attempt the dungeon and look at that, you beat the best time listed on that dungeon page! Congrats! Here is what you need to do to get your time on the forums:
    1. Make sure you record your attempt and upload it to YouTube. When recording a timer must be visible at all times. The timer starts at the entrance of the dungeon and finishes when the first person enters the loot room
    2. Go to this website and submit your speed following the prompts
    Good Luck!