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MineZ: Dealing With Mobs

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Dealing With Mobs

  • Dealing With Mobs(top)

    There are many enemies in MineZ, some more dangerous than others. On this page you will find tips for dealing with the various types of enemies you may encounter


    • A general rule of thumb while around zombies is to sneak - the default control for this is the left shift key. This reduces a player's visibility and make zombies' aggro range shorter. Also a zombie's attacks is based on movement and sound, so standing still before a horde detects a player will cause the zombies to ignore said player, unless they accidentally walk into said player.
    • While circling around, zombies will have a harder time hitting a player.
    • Don't get overconfident. With more than around five zombies, it's more trouble than it's worth to approach with basic gear. With better gear it gets easier but is still dangerous.
    • If a player's height is higher or lower than that of a zombie, such zombies will try to pathfind down instead of rushing, giving the player an easier time. A famous example is outside Portsmouth - in the broken road leading into town, there's a platform inaccessible by zombies from most angles. The town can be fairly easily cleared out of zombies by sprinting through and leading them to this platform. They'll attempt (and fail) to get up, and being stuck in the water, they can easily be picked off even with basic starting equipment.
    • Splash Potions of Healing hurt zombies and heal players. This can be extremely useful when fighting mobs within a very short vicinity or if a horde surrounds you.
    • Snowballs [IMG] attract zombies in a short radius, while grenades [IMG] attract in a large radius. When a snowball hits a player, all nearby zombies will shift their attention to that player. This can be very useful in a PvP battle with plenty of zombies around.
    • Do not use snowballs to get zombies off of you when you're alone. They'll slowly start walking towards you after the snowball hits the ground.
    • There are zombie spawners placed in certain areas which can quickly swamp even a well-equipped player. Be aware of these places, and approach with caution.
    • If a huge group is after a player, sprinting while jumping is slightly faster than zombies, and thus provides a means of escape.
    • Jumping while attacking makes it harder for zombies to hit players, while also inflicting higher damage upon zombies.
    • Zombies will not notice players if they are out of the zombies' sight range, i.e. more than seven blocks away for walking; however, they will still notice a sprinting or jumping (hitting zombies with bows and arrows also does this) player from much further away.
    • You are less visible to zombies if it is raining or if it is night - even if you are in an area that is unaffected by the rain or the night (i.e. desert biomes, caves).
    • Never try to escape from zombies by swimming; they are much faster than you and will catch you easily, even from a distance.

    Zombie Pigmen(top)

    • Pigmen and normal zombies have the same stepping sound, but as they are much slower, players can easily determine which they are facing by listening.
    • Pigmen spawn with one half-heart and are not as quick as zombies.
    • Pigmen do 6.5 hearts of damage, if you have no armor on. Be cautious!
    • After the pigman boundary (-2000 on the z-coordinate) pigmen can spawn from zombie spawners as well as normal zombies. Anywhere with zombie spawners past that boundary can have pigmen.
    • Pigmen will drop multiple zombies when they die, so be ready for a fight!
    • It is very likely that with multiple pigmen dying around you, you'll end up surrounded by a lot of zombies. Be prepared to use crowd control weapons like axes, grenades (recommended at large distances) or splash potions. An ideal way to kill Pigmen is to shoot them, and then grenade the zombies that spawn.
    • Unlike zombies, pigmens' aggro range are always the same, be it whether you are sprinting or sneaking.

    Baby Zombies(top)

    • Baby zombies are extremely fast. Sprint-jumping will not save you here.
    • The best way to fight baby zombies is with a height advantage.
    • Circling around typically isn't the best way to deal with baby zombies but sometimes it works.
    • Baby zombies appear to have a longer attack range than normal zombies.
    • Baby zombies have the same hitbox size as normal zombies.


    • If you hear the Giant roar and jump up, run away until the giant hits the ground, then block with your shield. The giant will stomp and knock you back as well as dealing high damage. The further you are from the giant while it stomps, the less damage you take. Blocking with your shield halves the damage dealt.
    • If you need to get some distance between yourself and the Giant for any reason, jumping while they stomp will fling you away several dozen or so blocks, though this can cause some (often minimal) fall damage. This also creates an ideal range to shoot any spawned zombies.
    • Giants take no extra damage from Smite enchants and are immune to bows, grenades, and splash health potions, although bows and grenades will aggro them.
    • Giants spawn 0-2 zombies (sometimes pigmen) when hit. For optimal fighting, hit the giant once or twice, then dispatch the following zombies.
    • Giants drop diamond swords, bows with the Infinity enchantment, golden apples, golden carrots, iron axes and rotten flesh. Only the rotten flesh is a guaranteed drop, and is plentiful.
    • Bringing experienced friends for your first few giant fights is recommended so you can learn the ropes.
    • A giant's hit box is its legs.
    • Bring a regular iron sword (recommended full durability), unless you have a diamond one, as well as a Smite sword to make quick work of any zombies.
    • Hit the giant while jumping and walking backwards, and sprint farther away if it gets too close.This will prevent you from being kicked and will minimize damage dealt by zombies spawned.
    • Always hold a splash health potion in your hotbar if needed for quick healing.
    • Though spamming the Giant isn't recommended as it spawns more zombies and makes the giant stomp more often, it may be required to beat the time record of 9.53 seconds.
    • Occasionally a Giant will roar for a stomp but will not jump, though the stomp will still take place, most likely due to server lag. For this reason, it is recommended to have sound or captions on.
    • Sometimes, to jump up a block, a giant will jump very high and it will look as though they are going to stomp, though they aren't. Stomps are typically more vertical and higher than jumps. You can also tell by listening for a roar.
    • When fighting a Giant, make sure you are not between the Giant and a cliff edge. The giant could kick or stomp you off the edge.

    Baby Zombie Pigmen(top)

    • These have small chance to spawn. They spawn with half a heartt.
    • Their speed is the same as in vanilla.
    • They do not drop zombies upon death.
    • Their explosion knockback is way stronger than normal zombie pigmen, being able to knock a player 20 blocks into the air.
    • It is safer to be really far away from them to kill them, avoiding the explosion's knockback.


    • You can also read more about mobs here.
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