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MineZ: Bleeding

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Bleeding
  • Bleeding can occur when you take damage from any source (Falling damage, lava, fire, zombies, players, etc.). The chat will inform the player that he/she is bleeding with a message when the player starts to bleed, with a noticeable particle effect, and on every point of damage the player receives from the effect.

    While bleeding you take one heart of damage and get the Blindness effect for 5 seconds every 30-40 seconds until the bleeding is stopped. You'll also leave constant redstone particle effects until you bandage yourself. This effect can also be seen by other players.
    You cannot actually die from bleeding, although it will bring you down to half a heart.

    To stop bleeding you need to use a bandage, after using a bandage you gain half a heart and the chat will display a message confirming that you stopped the bleeding, and the particles effects will stop appearing.

    Another player can bandage you with a bandage [IMG] and shears [IMG] to stop bleeding as well.



    • Bandages can also be used when you are not bleeding, healing you for one heart.
    • There was a bug/exploit to where, if you were bleeding, and you logged out and logged back in, it stopped the bleeding. At the time was a bannable offense, and added a feature to where, if you are bleeding or infected and even use /logout, it will still leave an NPC.
    • There's a bug in which, occasionally if you die while bleeding you may spawn with the bleeding status. The worst part is that the bandages cannot always stop the bleeding if you relog. It is advised that you report this bug to get it removed from you.
    • It is recommended that you have two or more bandages, as if you start to bleed you will go through all of your health potions quite fast. So when you have none, start looking. Bandages can be found in civilian chests.