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MineZ: Bandits

Jul 1, 2018
MineZ: Bandits
  • A Bandit is a player who kills other players with the intention of stealing gear or just simply killing for fun. A Bandit tag is obtained by players who kill six or more different players in a single life, whether the killings were in self-defense, vengeance, or in cold blood.

    If you do encounter a bandit, your best chance of survival is to avoid them at all costs. Bandits rarely make exceptions when killing; however, some bandits do not kill freshly-spawned players as there are no benefits for the bandit to do so.

    If you encounter a bandit on the Coast Road, try to walk away into a Forest or the open unknown. This may discourage them from going out of their way to attack you. If there are two or more bandits, start running.

    There are mainly two types of bandits: leather bandits and iron bandits. Leather bandits attack as soon as they spawn, whereas iron bandits are more geared and more experienced. Encounters may vary and you shouldn't take this as solid facts.

    Iron roamers, a subtype of the iron bandit, are more interested in surviving rather than killing others, however they are not afraid to kill you to obtain resources. Some roamers are friendly; offering a valuable item such as iron armor or enchanted stuff in exchange for mercy is a good idea when cornered by one of these guys. Massacre teams also kill to obtain resources, but are much, much more violent. They often come to coastal cities simply out of bloodlust and are obviously the worst type of bandit. For better detailed explanations, check out ktery's bandit guide.

    If for whatever reason you want to become a bandit, it is best advised to head to towns such as Grandfather's Curse, for healing potions (Portsmouth and Grimdale could also be used, but the amount of 'residents' there will almost always take the healing potions from the church there before you can). Other valuable stops include Yawpton, Somnia, Yongton Abbey and Huntsgrove (Towns with a moderately low 'z' coordinate). These towns have Military chests and some food, which make them ideal stops. Also, they are ALL accessible as soon as you spawn (you will not starve or die of thirst on the trek there, provided your 'x' coordinate is moderately close). Always have a bow on you so you can snipe the players that try to run away. Also try to get a diamond sword and infinity bow from Giants.

    Bandit Strategies(top)

    There are many ways that bandits will attack you:
    • Follow you, and then wait until you are either in a secluded area, far from others, or wait until you are weak from a zombie attack.
    • Attack you in starter armor, and if they die, spawn in the same region repeatedly until you evade or they kill you.
    • The better equipped ones will simply kill you or someone else, escape the town, then come back in about 5 minutes or less and repeat.
    • Others won't kill you themselves, but sprint around, attracting zombies and lure them to someone else.
    • Some will throw items on the ground, when you pick it up, they kill you.
    • Some will "server hop" where you log onto one server, kill everyone, and log onto another.
    • Sometimes, mostly down South, they will give you the "Peace" sign (crouching or right-clicking with the shield) and as soon as you walk past them or let your guard down they will run to you and surprise attack you.
    • Some bandits will ask their victim a question, and while they're answering kill them.
    • Bandits will often act as friendly and ask for a heal, even saying that they are low on health. When healed, they will proceed to kill you.
    • An even worse and rarer tactic happens when a group of bandits poses as healers, and only after having healed everyone in town, proceeds to kill everyone. This is extremely rare but possible.

    Fighting/Avoiding Bandits(top)

    • Most bandits are bad at parkour or don't even try to. Try to outsmart them by taking parkour-only routes. If they don't have a bow or grenades you'll be safe.
    • As soon as you see someone die in PVP, immediately try to band together in a group, or get to a secluded area (ex: Romero Sewers).
    • It is also very important to note that most bandits are very prone to flanking attacks.
      • Use this by sending one of your people to distract them, then advance from all sides.
    • If you are in the North, be aware of server hopping bandits, and always have a powerful weapon close at hand, such as grenades.
    • Always keep a friend by your side when going into a town populated by players (who might be bandits).
    • Always say "hello?" when you go to a town. Most friendly players will say hello back.
    • If you are not scared of PVP, whenever somebody flashes a team signal say "back off" or "stop or you're dead" or something to that degree. Most players will turn to their heels and flee the town. However, if the player continues to advance kill them or warn them (warning them again is a bad idea due to the fact that by this time that they are much closer to you). But, if they stop and don't move assume that they are typing, look out for their potential teammates. If it's been a while (30 Seconds to a 1 minute) either flee the town, or kill them.
    • If you see someone wearing iron armor, while there is a good chance they are bandits, they might not be. Healer clans will often wear iron just to fend off zombies and bandits. Be careful, but if they make it known they are friendly, more likely than not they are. They may even take you with them.
    • As a last resort method of surviving a bandit attack, jumping off of an otherwise fatal height with a cobweb in hand and placing it just before you hit the ground is plausible. Though this is very difficult, and should only be used when no other option is available.
    • Placing a cake in a doorway with a 2 high 1 wide entrance makes it impossible for bandits to get inside -- Log out immediately if you do this, because the bandit(s) may try to run around and eat the cake.


    • Players with red names may not be bandits at all; they may have killed in self-defense. If you have good armor down south many people in leather will attempt to kill you, either out of desperation or wanting to have better gear.