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MineZ: Armor

Mar 30, 2018
MineZ: Armor
  • Armor (also spelled Armour) are equip-able items that serve to protect the player against damage. Each armor point (half a chestplate) gives a 4% damage reduction.

    Note that the durability number is for an undamaged armor piece.

    Armor Available in MineZ(top)

    Name Image Protection Tier Max Durability
    Leather Cap [IMG] [IMG] I 56
    Leather Chestplate [IMG] [IMG][IMG] I 81
    Leather Pants [IMG] [IMG] I 76
    Leather Boots [IMG] [IMG] I 76
    Chain Helmet [IMG] [IMG] II 165
    Chain Chestplate [IMG] [IMG][IMG] II 240
    Chain Leggings [IMG] [IMG][IMG] II 225
    Chain Boots [IMG] [IMG] II 195
    Iron Helmet [IMG] [IMG][IMG] III 165
    Iron Chestplate [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] III 240
    Iron Leggings [IMG] [IMG][IMG] III 225
    Iron Boots [IMG] [IMG][IMG] II 195
    Gold Helmet [IMG] [IMG] II 78
    Gold Chestplate [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] II 113
    Gold Leggings [IMG] [IMG][IMG] II 106
    Gold Boots [IMG] [IMG] II 92

    Special Armor(top)

    Name Image Protection Notes Durability
    Pumpkin Head [IMG] None Found in Special Halloween chests in Halloween, reduces visibility and contains other spooky effects. Also rewarded in Events. Infinite
    Player Head [IMG] None Different types of heads can be obtained from Events. Infinite
    Skeleton Head [IMG] None Attainable from the Ghost Ship Infinite
    Zombie Head [IMG] None Dropped by Giants and found in Devil's Respite. Reduces visibility around Zombies. Infinite


    Durability is the amount of damage each piece of armor can absorb before being destroyed.

    • Each normal hit from a mob (including players) subtracts 1 durability points.
    • All other damage sources usually take 3 points, except cacti, which only takes 1.
    • Falling damage, drowning damage, or poison damage does not affect armor.


    • You spawn with a leather chest as part of your spawn gear.
      • If you have premium, the leather armor you spawn with will change color according to your donation level. (I.E. Silver = light grey tunic.)
    • The top "tiers" of armor can be found by making the hazardous trip to midmap or northern regions of the map. However decent chainmail armor and other supplies may be found in some southern locations.
    • Leather armor can be dyed with healing ointment, cocoa beans, and antibiotics. They can also be dyed with lapis, bonemeal, and ink sacs, if you found some at Ghost Ship.
    • Dyed leather armor, along with gold armour and iron armour, is awarded in Events.