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MineZ 2: Spawn Kits

May 2, 2015
MineZ 2: Spawn Kits
  • MineZ 2 Spawn Kits - Premium Gameplay

    Spawning in is similar to the previous, using the command /MineZ spawn, you may also use the zombie skull. Upon doing either you will be presented with a server selection screen, which will connect you to a MineZ 2 server of your choice. If you have active premium time you will also get a spawn selection screen to choose your spawnpoint.

    Your spawn kit is as follows -
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    - A leather tunic, colored if you are a premium rank. The color provides NO protection whatsoever, just a vanity item.
    - A training sword. Weaker than a wooden sword, just for temporary self defense.
    - A bandage. For healing yourself or others.
    - A water bottle. Filled with clean water.
    - A mysterious eye. Used for communicating globally. Hotbar slot determines channel (ex: slot 4 is Eye channel 4)
    - Three books. One to check the list of recipes in the game, and a second to list your proficiencies, and a third to check your stats and achievements. (If you ever lose the books, /recipe, /stats and /prof can be used to check either at any time)

    Everything you spawn with is soulbound and will disappear when dropped.

    You can buy various items to improve your spawn kit in the Shotbow XP shop.