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MineZ 2 Houses

Dec 20, 2014
MineZ 2 Houses
  • MineZ 2 Houses

    Houses in MineZ serve as a type of base, a fortress of solitude. Acquiring one is not easy and can take a lengthy
    amount of time to achieve. Houses can be upgraded to add new rooms and floors, each room consisting of a new benefit, such as a farm or crafting bench. In order to upgrade your house, you need to have the appropriate amount of materials to build it. To use the materials, simply throw them in the hopper at the entrance.

    To acquire a house, you must first spend 500 reputation points to Renn in Asindia on the How To Build A House plans. Then, you must craft the House Kit, consisting of one door, two support beams, one wool, and five planks (The support beams are made the same way as doors, but instead of planks it's cobblestone.)