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MineZ 2: Gameplay

Aug 13, 2015
MineZ 2: Gameplay
  • Exciting New Gameplay Mechanics

    Impressive Map

    A game can be good. A game can be great, but what is an MMO without its map?

    MineZ 2 has a beautiful hand-painted, hand-crafted map spanning more than 30 million blocks, with a planned 10 million block expansion - and I'm pretty sure that's only two of its three dimensions.

    Wondrous cities, Mysterious Caverns - there's so much to explore you might not know where to start!

    Custom Mob AI

    You might be used to the old "Minecraft Zombie" AI - but the monstrosities in this game barely resemble the creatures you think you remember.

    Attracted to sound with a keen memory of your last location they will hunt you down and eat you for breakfast - and we're not even talking about the heavy armored mini-boss mobs, not even the Giant - a tall, ferocious zombie that kicks away its foes with a powerful stomp.


    Coming from Minecraft, you might be familiar with Hunger - but just like the zombies this is a whole new beast.

    Search for the proper pieces to craft ingredients, then cook them to get edible food. Just don't forget: every step you take slowly drains away your hunger, until you're alone and starving to death in the middle of a hoard.


    Unlike hunger, the necessity to drink is a completely foreign concept to Minecraft. Your "experience level" on screen turns into your thirst in MineZ. 20 means you're fully quenched. At 0 you begin to dehydrate, losing health every moment.

    Run to the nearest water source to refill your water bottle - but be careful. Not all water is safe to drink. Murky Water may taint you with the infection - so be prepared with an antidote or boil the water to purify it.


    As if fighting hoards of zombies and human players out for your precious supplies wasn't bad enough, every hit you take has the chance of opening up a wound.

    Bleeding is dangerous and you'll need a friend to cauterize your wound or a bandage to patch it up. But be quick, there are rumours the smell of blood attracts the beasts.


    We're not sure where it started. They came from the North and it spread like wildfire... but now that we have to live with it, its origins don't matter as much.

    Boil your water and stave off the attacking zombies - either of which may taint you with the infection if you get to close. And if they do.. your life will wither away before your very eyes.


    With so many ways to die, we'd feel bad if we didn't give you some option to stay alive. If.. well.. when something finally ends your life you'll have a few seconds to wander around as a ghost.

    If you're lucky enough to find a helpful survivor, they can right click you to bring you back to life. But don't think you're off the hook - you've still dropped all your precious supplies, and they'll likely keep a few pieces as compensation for their time.

    Grave Robbing

    See a grave? Pick up a shovel and start digging.

    There's no telling what useful supplies someone was burried with - and hey, it's not like they'll be needing them anymore, right? Your continued existence is far more important than whatever legacy they left behind.


    Death being the end tends to make for a very one-dimensional game. Luckily, the actions you take in one life will help you through in your next.

    Hone your skills and gain proficiency in them. The added effort will increase their effects. Consider it a reward - for your many, many deaths.


    With custom food, items, and the ability to upgrade your armor and weapons you'll want to keep close to crafting benches and anvils.

    Anvils will allow you to break down some of your supplies into basic components - components you can use to build new ones or upgrade your existing ones. From ruined to pristine - you'll notice the difference!

    Player Housing

    A peek at things to come - gather materials and start to build a home in the wasteland of the apocalypse. But be wary, building a home in the middle of a dystopia is not an easy business.

    You'll have to gather resources to build with, and some players might want to loot your home. You can try building an entire commune with friends - but who knows how long they'll be your friends. After all, survive... or don't.

    Daily Quests

    Visit Asindia and talk to the people you find there. They might have some "errands" for you - but it'll be to your benefit to pick up a couple.

    Daily Quests will give you a reason to come back to the game time and time again, all while building your reputation to do bigger and better things in this world you can't help but call home.

    (Note: Currently a lot of the quests are bugged and do not track progress, the ones that currently do are healing/reviving other players)