Mine Theft Auto

Dec 8, 2015
Mine Theft Auto

  • (Conspicuous lack of description.)

    Wiki Pages
    Getting Started
    New to MTA? Learn how to play here.

    Looking for a safehouse to stash your stuff? Look here!

    Missions & Jobs
    Learn how to go on missions to earn some extra cash.

    Private Servers
    Rent a private server for you and your friends!

    Level & Skills
    Increase your abilities. Learn how here.

    Use or set up a custom kit to spawn with.
    Information about the various weapons in MTA.

    Information about the vehicles in MTA and their mechanics.

    Create or join a gang with your friends.

    Custom Items
    Learn about the various custom items, such as the jetpack or parachute.

    Information about the police in MTA, and how to become one.