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Jun 25, 2014
  • [IMG]

    The Battle Mech is an iron golem that your are able to get into and wreak havoc with. It can only be found at certain objectives.

    It comes equipped with a MechSuitMachineGun [IMG]and a MechSuitRocketPod [IMG]
    The Machine Gun fires like the other LMGs in Wasted, a spray of bullets, but this gun also has infinite ammo. You still need to reload it however.
    The Rocket Pod fires like a Rocket Launcher, except the Pod can hold 6 rockets in one clip. The Mech doesn't have infinite rockets however, it comes with 40 extras, and they cannot be replaced after you shoot them all.

    The Mech will always start at 35hp when found at an objective, and the Mech has a maximum of 600 health. When you walk with it, it moves really slow and makes some low thumping noises. You can jump which will make the Mech leap forward and make a loud crashing noise when you land, this is obviously the much faster way to travel, but you can only leap when your experience bar fills back up.
    If the mech reaches <100 health, it will begin to emit smoke like a vehicle would. If it reaches <50 it will also emit fire particles.

    The Mech at the "Damaged Goods" objective will need to be repaired, and there are 2 ways to do it.
    You will need a repair kit, bought at shopkeepers for $650 or a mechanic. The mech will be affected by the ability by the Mechanic to automatically repair vehicles.

    For defeating mechs, the generally accepted strategy is to use rockets. A well-placed rocket can deal up to 200 damage - if the mech is hit by falling blocks, however, it is generally an instakill.

    If you have a mech and you are playing on a team, then you have to be careful. If a few of your bullets hits a teammate, then you will die of team damage and your stuff(but not money) will vanish.

    When jumping whilst your exp bar is low you can turn around and do three mini jumps, also quite good for getting around in Wasted.