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Lobby Items

Dec 22, 2017
Lobby Items
  • [IMG]
    Server Selector
    Right click this compass to bring up every gamemode on Shotbow! Choose between awesome gamemodes, like Annihilation, MineZ, SMASH and many more!
    Spawn Setter
    If you want to choose where you spawn every single time you join the Shotbow lobby, all you have to do is stand in the place and face the direction you want to spawn, and right click the blaze rod! If you want to clear your spawnpoint and spawn in the middle again, left click the rod. (only for premiums)
    Particle Effect Selector
    Choose the particle trail that suits you! There are plenty of them, and they can all be purchased in the XP Shop.
    Pet Selector
    Select the pet that you love! There are plenty of them, and they are all unique! They can all be purchased in the XP Shop.
    Lobby Selector
    Can't find your friends in your lobby? Right click this emerald to choose the lobby you want to be in! Emerald means you are in this lobby, diamonds mean that you can join these lobbies.

    All the toys you've ever wanted are here! Choose between weapons, armor and even parkour blocks! Items in the toybox, excluding the parkour blocks, are premium and subscriber benefits only.
    Choosing this option will give you 64 snowballs to pop people! (only for subscribers and if already bought)
    Wanted to practice your aim? Choose this option to get yourseful a bow and 15 arrows! (only for subscribers and if already bought)
    Parkour Block
    Master of parkour? These blocks will prove it. Choosing this will give you 5 Parkour Blocks (bedrock) to place around and parkour on!
    Ever wanted a vanilla Minecraft tool in the lobby? Well now you can! Just right click the Toybox, right click the Diamond Sword and choose from either a wooden, stone, golden, iron, or diamond sword, shovel, axe, pickaxe, or hoe! (only for premiums)
    If you ever wanted to have colored armor in the lobby, this one is for you! In order to use any of the armor, you have to be premium. If you want the gradient armor, you have to be a subscriber ($10/month, and you get to keep it if you cancel subscriber), or anyone can purchase it from the Cosmetic Shop with real money ($25). List of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, or gradient. (only for premiums)
    Ever wanted to take your flying pet outside? This is the option for you! Pick the balloon that really speaks to you and show off to all your friends!

    If there are any changes made to the lobby, feel free to update the page, or PM with concerns if you do not know how to update it.