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Feb 9, 2016
  • Lightbikes is now in the garage and will be back shortly! More info here.

    Light Bikes is a minigame based off Light Cycles in the Tron series. 2-4 players are placed in random arena in a place known as 'The Grid.' In the grid you will ride a Light Bike that leaves a Light Trail behind you. This trail, along with all the other blocks, are solid and will cause death upon collision.

    Getting into the game(top)

    Before you join however, you are recommended to use the server's resource pack to enhance your play experience. If you don't know how to do this go to Options > Video Settings > Turn Server Textures to ON. You'll be prompted to download it when you join a Light Bikes server.
    Head on over to the local Light Bikes villager located in the Arrow Arcade and join a server. You'll be placed in a small room with several signs to join matches. You can right click to join any matches that aren't full.

    Playing the game(top)

    LightBikes plays a single match in a set of several rounds. Rounds end when one player is left alive, that player wins the round and then the map rotates to a new one. The match only ends once one player wins 5 rounds in that match.

    Once in a match you'll be placed in an area above the map. This area in all maps serves as the intermission area and allows dead players to spectate. When the round begins all players are teleported to their start positions, and you'll start moving after a few seconds. Once moving, you will NOT stop until you die or win.

    There are TWO ways of controlling your vehicle:
    - LOOK based controls will steer your bike in the direction you are looking.
    - KEYBOARD controls allows you to move left and right with A and D respectively. Be careful with these controls, do not hold the turn key.
    These controls can be switched at any time by clicking with your baton. A Blue baton is LOOK based and a Red one is KEYBOARD.

    Your goal of the game is to get your opponents to collide either with your light trail or by forcing them into a wall, causing them to Derez (death) However, half blocks may be rode up by your bike and will not cause death.
    Once a player is dead, their entire light trail will disappear and open up a little more room to drive in.

    During a round, you may use a few powers to help you.
    You may only use a power when your speed bar (represented by the XP bar) is full.
    The Boost will give your bike a short burst of speed.
    The Jump will allow your bike to jump a couple blocks into the air.
    The Fire shoots a projectile in front of you, which will explode on contact and destroy light trails.