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Krubera Vault

Nov 13, 2018
Krubera Vault
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    Dungeon loot chest types and amounts

    Krubera Vault is a dungeon located in the back of Krubera. You require a button to get in.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (90, -1010)
    Difficulty 5.8/10
    Number of Chests 10
    Zombie Content High - Zombie Spawners
    Parkour content Medium
    Puzzle/Trap Content Low
    Minimum Players 1
    Other Requirements 1 Button

    General Resources
    Water Refill X
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser 1
    Elite Dispenser X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common ?
    Dungeon Uncommon ?
    Dungeon Rare ?

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Vault
      • ???

    Legendary Items(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Binding Helmet [IMG] Taking damage will inflict Slowness I for 5 seconds on the attacker.

    Video Walkthrough(top)

    • A full guide for the dungeon can be found here:[Link]
    NOTE: The Horde Room now spawns zombie pigmen.

    Text Walkthrough(top)

    Entrance (0/10)
    • Place the button next to the door, press it and walk inside.
    Split Paths (6/10)
    • Press one of the stone buttons near the ledge.
    • This will create a coal path that splits to two exits and will have to be parkoured over.
    • You can either go right (A) or go left (B).
    • The coal path will only appear for a limited time after the button has been pressed. You must not hesitate on any of the coal blocks and must instead run through them in one shot. Otherwise, you will not have enough time to parkour over and will drop into lava that cannot be escaped.
    Light Parkour Room (5/10) (Path A)
    • In this room you will have to parkour over a pit with zombies using floating lights.
    • Complete this and move on.
    Horde Room (5/10) (Path B)
    • In this room there is a button in the middle that when pressed spawns 24 zombies and some pigmen.
    • Once all the zombies have been slain, a staircase will appear which will let you proceed.
    • Be careful as the staircase will only appear for a short time. If the stairs disappear you have to redo the room.
    Giant Room (7/10)
    • Both paths will lead to this chamber in which a pillar with a stone button will be stood.
    • Once this button is pressed, a Giant will spawn. Defeat it.
    • Be careful, there are zombie spawners in this room and they will degrade your sword and armor a decently large amount.
    • Once the giant is defeated a door will open on the south side of the room into the loot room.
    Loot Room (0/10)
    • Once you have collected your loot press the button to be teleported out.
    • Congratulations.


    • This is the location that takes the longest to get to in the Cave System.
    • One of the only dungeons in the Cave System alongside Devil's Respite and Conagher's Abandoned Mineshaft.
    • This dungeon was changed twice (On 5/2/13 the dungeon got an update, making all rooms more difficult and the loot is no longer able to be camped) and then completely reworked for the Secret Project Update.
      • The old version contained 4 rooms aswell but were instead: a wave room, a simple timed parkour over lava that wasn't deadly then changed to a deadly ice parkour, a puzzle room and finally a "boss" room. Footage for both iterations can be found here (Early version) and here (Changed version)
      • The original dungeon was built by the same person who built the town, _Mappy_

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Speedless/Solo burnedapplepie 1:21 02/02/2017 Link
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