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Jet Pack

Jun 15, 2015
Jet Pack
  • [IMG]
    Typical Jet pack (above, with Wasted texture pack)

    Jet Packs give the player wearing one the ability to fly. They can be purchased from shopkeepers for $3000. They may also be found in drop zones or weapons caches..
    To fly, you must sneak and jump and you will take off. You can sneak while in the air to continue flying. The direction you fly in is determined by your crosshair, not WASD. Fuel is used up quickly, so long flights aren't recommended.

    To keep track on the fuel level, press F3 + H and hover your mouse over the jetpack to see the exact durability/fuel.

    Fall damage from using a jetpack is capped at 6 hearts of damage, which means improper flying can still get you killed. However, the fall damage can be reduced/completely negated with careful flying. Be sure to know your fuel level before taking off!

    When you need to refuel, simply take off the jet pack and left click it as if you're reloading a gun, you'll begin refueling. It takes a while to fill up and you can't shoot, so finding a safe place to wait is vital.

    Additionally, you won't be able to shoot any weapon if you're airborne with a jetpack, so be sure to find a good place to attack from when grounded.

    Warning: Jet packs don't break from running out of fuel, but a low durability jet pack can break if you're shot.