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Oct 15, 2018
  • [IMG]

    Huntsgrove is a Southern town North of Camp Bell which has road connections to Ridgevale further North and the coastal road. Encountering players here should be expected, as it is a major destination for survivors heading farther North.

    General Info
    Coordinates (1020, -40)
    Area Type Town
    Number of Buildings 5
    Zombie Threat Medium
    Number of Chests 19
    Lootable Graves 4

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests 4
    Uncommon Chests X
    Food Loot
    Common Chests 3
    Uncommon Chests 4
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 2
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests 1
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests 4
    Uncommon Chests 1
    Rare Chests X
    Epic Chests X
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Barn
      • 4 food_uncommon
      • 3 food_common
      • 1 tools_common
    • Shacks
      • 2 civ_common
    • Large House
      • 2 civ_common
      • 4 mil_common
    • Church
      • 2 pots_uncommon
      • 1 mil_uncommon

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • This town can be useful as resupply point for newly spawned people who wish to travel North.
    • Good amount of basic supplies, especially food. It is a good place to visit before heading up North.
    • Zombies sometimes roam through and around town. Mind your surroundings.
    • This town is a lifesaver for you if you are low on food. This is because with the amount of food found here, you will have enough for a group to stay in the north for a long period of time.
    • It is recommended to stay here long if you have time and require food.
    • The barn is very similar to the barn in Whitehaven, with some exceptions. You could also go to Torchbar Farm which is not far away from here.
    • Usually pretty safe as far as bandits are concerned, as most passing bandits will go to Portsmouth or Romero instead.
    • This town is a very good town to stop by before heading North as previously mentioned. Although some players think otherwise, it is recommended to skip Portsmouth or Romero if you spawn in the vicinity because of the larger risk of players. All 2 of the civilian chests spawn here making this a great place to gather up on essentials.
    • Continuing north along the path will take you to Ridgevale.
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