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HIPS: Perks

Jun 5, 2015
HIPS: Perks
  • Perks
    You can use perks to get an advantage during the game. When the game starts you're given one random perk, and before the game starts you can select a second perk to use provided you have bought it from the XP shop.

    Clone - (8,000 XP)
    When used, it will spawn several zombies around you that will walk away, and explode shortly after.
    Can only be used once.

    Hawkshot - (12,500 XP)
    You are given an arrow you can shoot at other players.

    Heal - (8,000 XP)
    With the heal powerup, you can restore your health up to two times.

    Reveal - (8,000 XP)
    When you use Reveal a firework will launch from a random player and explode. When this happens to you, you will be notified in chat.
    Can only be used once.

    Second Wind - (20,000 XP)
    When used, the next time you die you will instead respawn with 1 heart left and not lose that life.
    Can only be used once.

    Swapper - (12,500 XP)
    When used you will trade places with a random fake ninja, you will be in it's place and it will be in yours. Useful in battle to cause some harm to the enemy before they realize what happened.
    Can only be used once.