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HIPS: Getting Started

Jan 5, 2015
HIPS: Getting Started
  • Pre-Game
    To join Hidden in Plain Sight (hereby referred as HIPS) you can go to the Arrow Arcade and join via the HIPS screen. From there you're placed in a lobby, on the wall across from you there is several game signs, you may join a game before it starts

    Once joined, there will be a timer before the game actually starts. You can click the beacon in your hand to select a perk (which can be purchased from the XP shop) to use in the game. When the game starts you'll automatically be given one random perk to use as well, it doesn't have to be purchased.

    When the game starts many zombies will appear at the spawn points. Players are also disguised as zombies, and have the same walking speed.

    Your goal is to kill the zombies ("Ninjas") that are actually players, and avoid hitting the fakes. Hitting a player will deal them 2.5 hearts of damage, while hitting a fake will deal 1 heart of damage to yourself. Each player gets 3 lives, once they lose them all they are out and can spectate the rest of the game or leave.
    Your sprint and jump work as normal, and you can use this to catch up to another player at the risk of exposing yourself. In order to sprint you must have sufficient stamina (represented by the XP bar) this bar will gradually regenerate as time progresses.
    When 30 seconds into the game, the "lights" will turn on. When the lights turn on, all the fake ninjas will disappear, leaving only players. 5 seconds after that the lights will turn back off and the fakes will return to their original spot, 25 seconds later they will turn back on and this cycle will continue until the game ends.
    This is one of the best times to spot a player and start tracking them, but since you are also visible hiding behind cover is also recommended to avoid being spotted.

    Some telltale signs of a player include:
    • Abnormal jumping
    • Sprinting
    • Standing still for a few seconds (However occasionally fakes that are in half-block deep holes stop moving)
    • Walking backwards
    • Swinging (Fakes will never swing)
    • Taking damage (Since the fakes are invulnerable, only players get hurt)
    • Looking up/down (Fakes always keep a level head)
    • Traveling straight to the beacon
    • Moving in a straight line for over 30 blocks
    Using these signs is a good way to pick out players and ambush them.
    Alternatively, avoiding these will help you blend into the crowd much better.

    The Beacon
    After a small period of time, a beacon will activate somewhere in the level. Stepping over this beacon will give you a buff.
    The only current beacon buff is a small health regeneration but further buffs are planned are being developed.
    After a random period of time (at least 30 seconds) the beacon will fade and can no longer be activated. This is a good way to pick out players from the crowd of zombies as many damaged players usually head straight for the beacon so their health will regenerate.

    To win, there must either be one player left standing or after ~10 minutes the game will automatically end. If the game automatically ends, nobody is declared the winner, it is a draw and nobody gets winning XP. If one player wins, they will get 10 Shotbow XP.
    You will also get 5 Shotbow XP for killing other players.

    Since you must kill other players to win, you must balance killing others while avoiding too much combat and losing all your lives.