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Gun Game

Mar 19, 2017
Gun Game
  • [IMG]

    Gun Game is a fast paced minigame version of Wasted created to allow quick battles. The players are split into two teams: HRC with cyan helmets, and the Subjects with magenta helmets.

    Each player starts with an MP5 and moves up a weapon with each kill. The game ends when one player scores a kill with the last weapon, the P30. A total of 18 kills is required to win the game.


    There are a total of 8 maps in Gun Game:

    Icon Map Name Description
    [IMG] Baggage Station A closed arena which could always be anyone's victory.
    [IMG] Dust The desert is hot, but the battle rages on.
    [IMG] Highway The streets are rampant with bullets at every turn!
    [IMG] Politics Solving those debates in the best way possible!
    [IMG] The Mine -Missing description-
    [IMG] Township This civilisation has gone to Ruins, now only a battle ground.
    [IMG] Warcall A classic castle vs castle battle in a war to see which side is the best!
    [IMG] Warehouse What this warehouse contains no one knows. But it must be good if everyone's fighting over it!

    Gun Progression(top)

    There are a total of 18 guns. The order is as follows (gun textures to be added):

    Icon Gun Name Damage
    [IMG] MP5 2.5 Hearts
    MP18 image MP18 2.5 Hearts
    [IMG] UMP45 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] M16A3 2.5 Hearts
    [IMG] M4 2.5 Hearts
    [IMG] AK-47 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] SCAR-H 3.0 Hearts
    M60E4 image M60E4 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] M249 2.5 Hearts
    [IMG] PKP 4.0 Hearts
    Short-Barelled Coach SxS image Short-Barelled Coach SxS 4.0 Hearts
    [IMG] Remington 870 3.5 Hearts
    [IMG] AA-12 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] Mosin Nagant 5.0 Hearts
    .44 Magnum image .44 Magnum 3.5 Hearts
    Nagant M1895 (Silenced) image Nagant M1895 (Silenced) 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] SW1911 3.0 Hearts
    [IMG] P30 2.0 Hearts


    Extremely outdated video showcasing the game!