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Grimdale to Crowmure Route

Dec 23, 2016
Grimdale to Crowmure Route
  • Grimdale to Crowmure Route
    This route starts in Grimdale (located at -1750|370), where the player can collect food, armor, swords and health potions. Optionally, the player can attempt the Thieve's Guild there. From Grimdale the player can either go to Yawpton (located North-East of Grimdale) or Carnival Town (located North-West of Grimdale). The player can restock on basic resources, there. After that, the player heads to Yongton Abbey (located at -2110|-1280). Then the player heads to Arbreton, (located at -2500|-1910) where the player can further gather equipment like Iron Swords and Iron and Chain Armor, as well as food.
    The player can now head to Aspermont, or continue the route be going to Lazerville, a good place to stock up on food and health potions. From there the player can also head off to Water Spire, Sunken Library, Quarry and Outpust Adera. If the player decides to head to Crowmure (located at -1630|-3370) he can just walk there.

    From Crowmure the player can quickly arrive at Castle Byesford, Ghost Fleet, Fort Saward, Mantle, Hell Tree, Mount Therum and Castle Wayvernia.
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