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Nov 3, 2017
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    Ghostcraft is Shotbow's server-side interpretation of The Hidden, a popular mod. Nine players work in tandem together in an effort to avoid being killed by the Ghost, a mostly invisible and very powerful player. By inflicting damage to the Ghost, you can possibly become the Ghost! The ultimate goal is to become the Ghost and kill the nine players in the match attempting to survive.

    Wiki Pages
    Getting Started
    New to Ghostcraft? Learn how to play here!

    Check out the Ghostcraft survivor kits here!

    Afterlife is a variant mode where the players turn into ghosts. Learn all about it here!

    Ghost Abilites
    Learn all about what abilities the Ghost has and how to use them!

    Ghost Particles
    Want to learn what the ghost can look like? Check this out!
    Check out the many wonderfully built maps that Ghostcraft has to offer!

    Learn what to do if you are not the ghost.

    The Ghost
    Learn how to defeat, or play as, the ghost.

    The GhostPass
    Learn what the GhostPass is, and how to use it!