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Nov 10, 2014
  • Kerrigan
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    Size: Large
    Space: Closed
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    “Insert official description here”

    The top rated Ghostcraft map. Rebuild of "Lockout" Halo 2 map in Minecraft style created by kensai111 to this day is the most recognizable GC map. The main stone square is often used by ghosts to ambush survivors by using specific grenades. Plenty of passages allow both survivors and ghosts to move around the map quite fast and unnnoticed. Because of complicated design, most players enjoy this map.







    • When you're the ghost, wait for players come to the main stone square, then throw grenades. Personally, I recommend Flashbang -> Freeze -> Poison Grenade -> Frag Grenade.


    • One of first 4 maps in the rotation. (along with Virtus, Sewers and Warehouse)
    • Kerrigan's original name was "Black Out"