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Oct 31, 2015

  • GG is a way to play MineZ, HCF or Vanilla PvP without losing your gear or damaging their faction.
    Choose an arena, Choose a Kit, Team Up or go Free for All - and once you've had your casual fun prepare yourself for King of the Duel - an intense gamemode where all participants are spectators waiting to fight the king. Once the current battle is over, the next person is given their gear and teleported to spawn to fight the king - overthrow him or her and become the star of the show yourself!
    If you like PvP combat, you're going to love this. Casual or Intense - the fight is waiting for you! Just remember to finish it by saying - gg.

    Wiki Pages
    Getting Started
    New to GG? Find out more here.

    A list of kits, and their contents.
    Information on the maps/arenas available to play on.