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GC: Maps

Jul 3, 2018
GC: Maps
  • Classic Gamemode Maps:
    1. Church
    2. Kerrigan
    3. Kerrigan Gates
    4. Octopus
    5. Rising
    6. Sewers
    7. Temple
    8. Virtus
    9. Sanctuary
    10. Confined
    11. Rocks

    Afterlife Gamemode Maps:
    1. Archaeology
    2. Colossus

    Church is one of most liked maps. It's big, it has irregular, asymmetric shape, and every player has plenty of ways to move. It was created by IamMcIovin.

    Kerrigan is probably the most often and played map. It's a rebuild of "Lockout" Halo 2 map and "Blackout" Halo 3 map. (that's why it was orriginally called "Black Out") It was created by kensai111.

    Kerrigan Gates is well-known from huge amounts of lava, which can be found under bridges. Just like at Kerrigan, you have many ways to move. It was created by minecraftpg5, and rebuilt by kensai111.

    Octopus is one of best maps ever created. It was octopus-like structure, with 8 tentacles with water and lava. The "head" contained plenty of passages and lava. It was created by Doctordoodle.

    Rising is really interesting map. It's abandoned construction site with many passages over the road, between buildings. It was created by Merphin and neopunk404, and rebuilt by kensai111.

    Sewers (officially The Sewers) is one of first 4 maps. (along with Kerrigan, Virtus and Warehouse) It's an irregular sewer system that has plenty of water. It was created by HighlifeTTU.

    Temple (officially Temple Ruins) is played really often, because of its simple design and high gameplay quality. It consists of only stone bricks and glowstone. It was created by lazertester.

    Virtus is one of first 4 maps. (along with Kerrigan, Sewers and Warehouse) It's an atrium with underground library and walls that are surrounding it. It was created by NicolaLeevey.

    Sanctuary takes the form of a small walled town. Inside the walls, there are a few one-story buildings with roof access, some stone walkways, and soul sand in between buildings. In the center of the map lies a lava Fountain. Sanctuary was created by McNiiby

    Confined is an expansive prison type map with lots of dead ends. The map is dark and fairly cramped as well. It was created by IamMcIovin and Trajicz.

    Archaeology is the first map featuring the game variant afterlife. The battle ground includes some tents, a sandstone temple, a giant skeletal structure with scaffolding, and uneven terrain. The map was created by Ninja_Pedro.

    Colossus (originally Construct) is the second map that features afterlife. It was created by bororatook and edited by kensai111. It features a plethora of balconies and tunnels, providing for multi-leveled combat situations.

    Rocks is a map with many layers. It has many paths around the outside of the map, and a grassy area in the center. This map is very vertical.
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