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GC: Ghost

Apr 4, 2015
GC: Ghost
  • [IMG]
    What is the Ghost?
    The Ghost is a nearly invisible player whose goal is to eliminate all of the Survivors. As the Ghost, your player model is completely invisible, however smoke puffs trail off behind you. Survivors can identify your location by following these puffs (It is best to have particles turned to "All" in video settings to better see the ghost).

    How do I become the Ghost?
    In order to have a shot at becoming the Ghost the next round, you must deal damage to whoever is the Ghost during the current round. If you hit them during the game, you will receive a message in chat with a percentage before the next round starts. The more that you damage the Ghost, the higher percentage and chance you will have of becoming the Ghost! If you do not receive a message, then you did not damage the Ghost at all.

    What does the Ghost have?
    Upon spawning, the Ghost has a nearly full hotbar. The kit spawns with a Wooden Sword, Shears, a Magma Cream (fragmentation grenade), a Nether Star (flashbang grenade), a Ghast Tear (poison grenade), a bone (projects sounds), a special ability (Blink, Fire Breath, or freeze) and a diamond pickaxe (toggles block throwing.)

    There are many unique mechanics and abilities to the Ghost. To learn more about these, go to the Ghost Abilities wiki page.