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GC: Ghost Pass

Aug 6, 2015
GC: Ghost Pass
  • When you join a game, you will be given an enchanted book titled "Ghost Pass Selector"


    Simply stated, the Ghost Pass gives players the ability to have a 100% chance to be the Ghost every 30 minutes. It has priority over other players as well. If another player has a 100% chance, the Ghost Pass will override them allowing you to become the Ghost in the coming round.

    When used, it will message you in chat like this:


    After it is used, a 30 minute timer will start. The GP book will provide a by the minute countdown. After every reboot, the timer resets to 30 minutes. This means that players cannot join games and immediately use the GP.


    The Ghost Pass is a feature only available to premium users. So go out and help your favorite server! Buy premium today!
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