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GC: Ghost Abilities

Jul 18, 2018
GC: Ghost Abilities
  • [IMG] The Ghost [IMG]

    The Ghost is not an entity. This means that standard enchantments and damage modifiers do not work. All of the damage has to be coded in. For example, a Soldier's Sharpness I iron sword only does two hearts to the ghost while dealing up to 5 on teammates.
    Another side-effect of this is that most game hacks do not work when fighting the Ghost. Hacks like forcefield only end up damaging teammates and alerting everyone in the lobby to the fact that someone has a hacked client.
    This is also the cause of the widely known Magma Cream grenade-betrayal glitch. When the MC grenade is thrown, it is not bound to the Ghost. It will explode and indiscriminately assign the damage dealt. In-game, this means that if you as a player damage another survivor within about 0-5 seconds of their death by the Magma Cream, you will be credited the kill and betrayal. The Ghost typically receives no experience for grenade kills unless they recently damaged the players killed by the grenade.

    Survivor Name-Tags:
    The Ghost has the ability to gauge how much health a survivor has by the color of their name-tag. The three possible colors are Green, Orange, and Red.

    Pouncing can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can right click with the sword or shears and you can also hold shift to charge a super pounce. As the Ghost, you will move in whichever direction you are looking when you pounce. When either is done, a sound will occur alerting the survivors to the fact that the Ghost is moving.

    Pounce (right click)
    By right clicking while holding either the Wooden Sword or the Shears, the ghost can jump up into the air much higher than a normal player. This allows the Ghost to move faster and more effectively around maps than the survivors.
    Pounce (Sneak)
    By holding down the shift (Sneak) button, the Ghost can charge up a super pounce. The level of charge is indicated by the experience level above the experience bar. The maximum level attainable is 4. At each level, the pounce gets progressively higher. When you have reached the desired level, simply let go of the Sneak key to be launched in the direction you are looking.
    Pounce (Wall grabbing and climbing) Falls under sneaking
    If you pounce at a wall and hold the shift key, you are able to cling to it. This is somewhat unrefined and is not perfect. Another aspect of this is the ability to climb walls. By pouncing at a wall and either repeatedly hitting the sneak key or holding the sneak key and right clicking to pounce, the Ghost is able to climb up vertical walls.
    Experience Bar
    This is your energy level. When you pounce, your experience bar goes down to simulate fatigue. Once you run out, you will have to wait for it to fill in order to pounce again.

    • Wooden Sword
    • Shears (Stab)
    • Magma Cream (Frag Grenade)
    • Nether Star (Flash Bang)
    • Ghast Tear (Poison)
    • Bone (Distract)
    Inventory Explained:

    [IMG]Wooden Sword
    This is one of two primary weapons that Ghosts use. When you hit survivors with the sword, you will gain half of a heart back.
    NOTE: you can hit players with your fists too in order to gain health. This allows you to leech more health as the players take less damage from the fists.

    The second of the primary weapons, the shears are a powerful tool. When equipped, the Ghost can left click to initiate the pigstick or stab. When this move hits, it is an instant kill.
    NOTE: You only have to left click once to start the stab. You do not need to hold the button or click any other button to make it happen.
    Upon first clicking, a growling sound will emanate from the Ghost giving survivors an auditory cue that he or she is getting ready to attack. The durability on the Shears will become zero and slowly build back up to full. This charge time takes around 2.2-5 seconds.
    Once the shears are fully repaired, the actual stab happens. A shower of particles appears in front of the Ghost and a loud squeal is heard, hence the name, “pigstick.” The location of the hit-box is around 1.5 blocks in front of the Ghost by default. If a survivor is in this hit-box at the time of the stab, they will be killed instantly assuming all is done correctly. This is very powerful when coupled with the blink ability. You do NOT Have to have the shears in your hand after you have already started the stab.

    Here is a video demonstration:

    [IMG]Magma Cream
    This acts as a fragmentation grenade. When thrown, it will emit a series of loud beeps, alerting survivors to its presence. It will beep four times before blowing up. At the center of the explosion, the grenade will instantly kill a survivor. Note that the damage decreases dramatically around 5-6 blocks away.

    [IMG]Nether Star
    This is a flash grenade. It detonates quickly after being thrown. When survivors are caught in the blast, they will receive blindness and nausea for varying amounts of time. This causes survivors to become confused and can result in team damage or death. It can also allow the Ghost to escape from potentially dangerous situations.

    [IMG]Ghast Tear
    This is a poison grenade. Like the flash grenade, it detonates quickly after being thrown. Survivors that are caught in the blast will become poisoned. Regardless of distance from the grenade, all players affected will take 3 hearts of damage.

    The bone is used as a distraction. When it is clicked, the bone will project a sound emanating from whatever block the Ghost looks at. It has two possible sounds. If left clicked, the bone will project the sound of a pigstick charge. When right clicked, the sound of a pounce can be heard.

    [IMG]Ghost Special Abilites:
    • Blink (Eye of Ender)
    • Breath of Fire (Flint and steel)
    • Freeze (Ice block)
    [IMG] Blink
    When right clicked, you will teleport up to 25 blocks in the direction you are looking. If you prepare your stab and quickly Blink to the person you're trying to stab, you can kill them without them ever hearing the stab noise. Single use.

    [IMG] Breath of Fire
    When right clicked, you will send forth a jet of fire, made of the flame particles that are used in the Ghost's flame effect and emitting a loud noise. Those who are caught in the midst of the fire ball will be set on fire.

    [IMG] Freeze
    When thrown, everyone in an 8 block radius of the grenade will be trapped in an ice block, (just like Ice Cube in SMASH,) slowing them down greatly.