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GC: Afterlife

Aug 25, 2014
GC: Afterlife
  • [IMG]
    Afterlife is a variant game-mode in Ghostcraft. It is larger than classic, as it can have up to 25 people in one match.
    * Survivors and Ghosts have the same items.
    * If all survivors are killed, the Ghost(s) win.
    * If all the Ghost(s) die, the survivors win.

    * Survivors turn to ghosts shortly after death.
    * The wooden sword that the ghosts have has a much more limited amount of uses. About 10 uses.
    * 1 map to play on, Colossus. The old map was called Archaeological Afterlife. (no longer available)
    EDIT: Archaeology was readded in the July 5/2014 update

    (Here's a bit if fun trivia: if you play on the map Temple, and fly North-west in spectator mode, you can see the old Afterlife map, Archaeological Afterlife.)

    Here's a demonstration:
    ^ = Survivor
    > = Ghost
    Say there were 5 survivors and 1 ghost.
    ^^^^^ VS >
    The ghost stabs a survivor. Now normally this would make it ^^^^ VS >.
    But the player respawns AS A GHOST in 15 seconds. Now it's ^^^^ VS >>. Get the idea? This makes Afterlife a much more intense and chaotic variant of Ghostcraft. At the end, in a full lobby, it can (potentially) come down to 24 ghosts and 1 survivor (do the math; the odds aren't too great for the survivor).