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Flooded Tunnels

Jul 15, 2018
Flooded Tunnels
  • [IMG]

    The Flooded Tunnels begins with a small pool that leads to an underwater maze and lava parkour. A Respiration helmet is not needed, if you use a few splash potions. This dungeon has intimidating and difficult parkour as well as zombie spawners. Despite the difficulty, the dungeon is quite straight forward.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (-1630, -730)
    Difficulty 4.8/10
    Number of Chests 8
    Zombie Content High - Zombie Spawners
    Parkour content High
    Puzzle/Trap Content Medium
    Minimum Players 1
    Other Requirements None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser 1
    Elite Dispenser X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common X
    Dungeon Uncommon 8
    Dungeon Rare X

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Loot Room
      • 8 dungeon_uncommon

    Legendary Items(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Venom Bow [IMG] Gives Poison I, Nausea II AND Speed III for 4 seconds to the person shot. Only works with at least 5 arrows and full charge.

    Video Walkthrough(top)

    • This video provides a detailed walkthrough for the dungeon (note that the maze section is easier to show than explain): [Link]

    Text Walkthrough(top)

    Entrance (2/10)
    • Enter through the hole in the pond.
    • There are 2 zombie spawners near the entrance.
    • Swim down the hole and breathe at the air pockets.
    • After that make your way down to a pool of water and jump in.
    • Swim to the left and under the cave wall. You will most likely not take damage during this.
    Water Parkour (3/10)
    • After you swim through, look to the left and you will see a waterfall going into the ground. Go into it.
    • You will then swim up the water and make your way to a creek.
    • Jump on the half slab of cobblestone and jump up the walls to go on top of the left wall.
    • You will then have to make a long jump onto the other wall.
      • If you fail these jumps, you can just retry.
    • There is a zombie spawner in the water.
    Flooded Tunnel Section (6/10)
    • Jump down the hole into the water.
    • Swim while hugging the left wall. Make sure to breathe at the air pockets.
    • During the part where you go down there are no air pockets, so make sure you have potions on your hotbar.
      • A Respiration helmet is very useful here.
    • After you surface the flooded tunnels, there may be zombies waiting for you.
    Spawner Parkour (4/10)
    • Swim up the Stalagmites and parkour up to the higher area.
    • After the parkour go into the creek and swim up.
    • There are zombie spawners littered throughout this section, so be careful.
    Long Tunnel (1/10)
    • This section has no zombie spawners and you likely won't see zombies in it.
    • This section also has the last water refill before the lava parkour, so fill your bottles.
    Ravine (6/10)
    • Fall down the hole into the cobwebs.
      • Don't step on any of the stone pressure plates, since they will fire splash potions of harming at you.
    • Press the four buttons along the ravine walls.
    • Watch out for zombies, because there are a lot of spawners.
    • At one point you have to jump across a lava pit. As of the MineZ: Origins Update there was a trip wire added which will shoot fireballs out of the lava pit. Take your time!
    Lava Parkour (9/10)
    • Jump down at the end of the ravine on a stone island with a pressure plate. That pressure plate spawns splash potions of healing II to heal you.
    • Make the long and treacherous jumps while pressing the two buttons on the wall.
      • One button is very close to the beginning of the ravine parkour, the other one is at the end.
    • Take your time. If you fall, you are dead.
    • Some ways are not difficult, others may get you nearly stuck. Take your time and figure the best way out. If you are good at parkour and know how jumps in Minecraft work you should get through this section with little to no problems.
    Dark Tunnel (5/10)
    • Slowly make your way to the tunnel and be very careful for all pressure plates. They will shoot splash potions of harming at you.
    • This tunnel is very dark, so it is recommended to raise your monitor brightness.
    • If you stay in front of the loot room, move the whole straight tunnel in front of it back and wait for a tip so the chests have time to respawn.
    Loot Room (1/10)
    • After you leave the dark tunnel, collect the loot and click the button to leave.
    • Congratulations!

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • This place can have at the most 8 dungeon_uncommon chests in the Loot Room, but at times, not all of them spawn.
    • The Lost Castle and Body Offload are nearby.
    • The best way to assure the dungeon_uncommon chests spawn is to take your time on the ravine and parkour. Being slow not only helps with the loot, but it also helps with finding your way through the parkour section.

    Trivia (top)

    • This dungeon actually replaced another located on the same spot called The Maze. Not much was known about this dungeon more than what the underground view of the map was able to show. It'd required a button to enter and the entrance was made out of stonebricks and had a more ruined kind of look to it. The entrance was also broken, sometimes working and other times not working.

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    Underground View of the Map, showing the unfinished The Maze.

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Speedless/Solo Up44
    5:38 September 8th 2017 Link
    Any%/Solo PiGuy123
    5:38 January 4th 2018 Link
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