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Fire Spire Route

Jun 16, 2018
Fire Spire Route
  • This route is useful for anyone who spawns near Camp Bell and is comfortable with parkour. It is a quick way to get full iron gear quickly.

    1) Stock up on basic gear in Camp Bell and Bell Farm. Essentials for camping the Fire Spire until you have full iron are at least one extra water bottle, a backup weapon (the Fire Spire does not spawn swords), health potions, basic civilian loot, and a moderate amount of food.
    2) Go due north to the Fire Spire from Camp Bell. It will be in the middle of a lake.
    3) Parkour up the Spire after one last water refill. Then, loot the chests in the Spire's four protrusions. The chests will usually respawn ahead of you, meaning that you can go in circles until you have full iron. Again, the Spire does NOT spawn swords or have a water refill, so you are limited by your water and weapon. Zombies spawn at a moderate rate, but are easy to spot in advance.
    4) Go due north again to Ridgevale, and get yourself an iron sword and more food.

    At this point, you should be well geared up and can go about your way. Generally, entering the Caverns through the eastern Ravine entrance is a solid idea, especially since the Spire commonly spawns Feather Falling IV boots which can be used to mitigate the fall damage from this entrance.
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