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Darnie's Dungeon Practice

Aug 2, 2018
Darnie's Dungeon Practice
  • [IMG]

    Darnie's Dungeon Practice is an incredibly small mini-dungeon in the Southwest, with the entrance located in between two small trees, it contains some easy parkour and a lever room which opens a door to a chest and a cake. The podzol path leading from Spawn 0 to Kaocho passes by here.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (-3090, 494)
    Difficulty 1/10
    Number of Chests 1
    Zombie Content Very Low
    Parkour content Very Low
    Puzzle/Trap Content Very Low
    Minimum Players 1
    Other Requirements None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Food Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Epic Chests X
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests 1
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X

    • Loot Room
      • 1 room_common


    • Climb down the vines in the small tree, and navigate to the small parkour room.
    • Complete the parkour, it is quite easy, even though it has iron bars and soul sand. Be careful as zombies will fall down into the water below the parkour.
    • Proceed into the loot room and you'll see 4 levers which you need to pull in this order: "KEEP", "MINT", "HIDES" and "EATS". Claim your prize. The prize can be farmed by going to the back of the loot room.


    • There is a sign that says "Darnies Dungeon Parkour practice for under 10's".
    • This is the easiest dungeon in MineZ.
    • It is now fairly common to encounter full chain players in Kaocho, who have camped the room_common here.
    • There might be zombies waiting for you in the loot room, be careful.
    • The solution to the lever puzzle implies that the dungeon is meant for kids.
    • This dungeon is now a decent place to get chain armor, especially for how down South it is.
    • There is a sign that even gives a hint if you think about the "Darnies Dungeon Practice parkour for under 10's" sign. There is another one hidden next to the lowest purple mushroom cap that reads " Code: Who is this Dungeon intended for?"
    • Do not log out inside Darnie's loot room. There is no exit button inside, and you will be unable to escape.

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Speedless - Solo BurnedApplePie 0:25 February 6th 2017 Link
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