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Crafty Bomber

Feb 10, 2016
Crafty Bomber
  • Crafty Bomber is now in the garage and will be back shortly! More info here.

    Crafty Bomber brings the explosive excitement of Bomberman to minecraft! Collect powerups and place bombs trying to blow up, trap and kill the opposing enemy players. Crafty Bomber features a never before seen overhead mode for strategic planning combined with a custom level editor and tournament mode.


    Crafty Bomber places up to 4 players in an arena akin to the original game. Players can place bombs using right-click in a free space, which will blow up after a short delay to destroy the destructible walls and kill anyone caught in the blast. (Including yourself) Players start with 5 lives each, your goal is to eliminate the other players.

    To get a new perspective on the battlefield, pressing Q (whatever your Drop Item key is) will give you a bird's eye view of the arena you can fly around. A controllable NPC will spawn in your place, left-click while aiming at a spot to command the NPC to walk there, right-click to command the NPC to place a bomb in that spot. Pressing Q again will return you to first-person view.

    Sprinting is a bit different in Crafty Bomber. Your hunger bar now represents a sprint meter, when you are sprinting this meter will rapidly deplete until you can't sprint anymore. It will slowly regenerate when you aren't sprinting.


    Bombs are your only weapon in this game. You can place bombs by right-clicking an empty spot, which will place a 2x2x2 square of TnT that detonates a short time later, destroying anything caught in it's blast. Your bombs will become stronger based on the powerups you pick up (explained below) You can see your bomb's stats in the scoreboard on screen.
    Bombs represents the maximum amount of bombs you can have placed at once.
    Bomb Delay determines how long (in seconds) it takes your bomb to explode. This does not go below 3.
    Bomb Size determines how far your bomb explosion will reach, in blocks. Explosions are stopped short if they hit a wall.


    When a bomb destroys a wall, it has a chance to drop a powerup. You can pick up this powerup to augment your abilities. When you die, all the powerups you've picked up will drop for anyone to take.
    • [IMG] Clock - Decreases Bomb Delay by 1 seconds. (To a minimum of 3)
    • [IMG] Fire - Increases Bomb Size by 1.
    • [IMG] TnT - Increases Bombs by 1.
    • [IMG] Golden Boots - Increases your Sprint.
    • [IMG] Skull - Gives you a Virus, causing blindness and the inability to sprint. If you punch an enemy player, you will pass it to them.

    The Arena(top)

    When you join a quick game, the arena will be composed of Grass for the floor, Stone Bricks for the walls and Wooden Planks for the breakable wall.
    Premium players can build their own custom arenas using a few options, such as arena size, the blocks it is made of and number of players. Details on arena building can be found on the Arenas page.
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