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Crafting Mama

Feb 10, 2016
Crafting Mama
  • Crafting Mama is now in the garage and will be back shortly! More info here.

    In Crafting Mama your objective is to score the most points possible! To do this you will need to gather different food resources around the arena and bank them in your enderchest. The winner is whoever has scored the most points after the round of 5 minutes has ended!

    (Please note the gamemode is constantly being updated and hence the information on this page may be out of date - please refer to the books given out for the latest information).

    To get started head over to the March Minigame Madness villager and select one of the servers to play on (currently only available on US network). Once you have joined you will be in the main lobby and will be given 2 books, a short introduction to the game and a points book of all food types.


    Overhead view:

    Alternate view:


    Food values(top)

    Each food has a different value so choose wisely what you should make:

    Apple: 0.5
    Beef- raw: 2, cooked:4
    Bread : 1
    Cake: 30
    Carrot: 0.5
    Chicken - raw: 2, cooked: 4
    Cocoa beans: 0.25
    Cookie: 0.2
    Gold nugget: 1
    Golden apple: 50
    Golden carrot: 50
    Milk Bucket: 0.25
    Mushroom Soup: 3
    Poison potato: - 10
    Pork - raw: 2, cooked: 4
    Potato: raw 0.25, baked: 4
    Pumpkin pie: 10
    Pumpkin: 0.25
    Sugar: 0.25

    As the game progresses each category of food is given a points multiplier which is displayed in the scoreboard on the right hand side. Keep an eye on what is currently giving a bonus and save the food types which are not giving a bonus until later in the game!


    When the game starts you will spawn in your kitchen. This is the ONLY place where you can craft and cook so be sure to remember what number you are (it’s says your kitchen ID on the scoreboard on the right hand side!). Each kitchen is also clearly numbered on the outside.


    Outside your kitchen you will find the arena which will include crop fields and animals spawns. The current map also has a large tree in the middle which will dispense apples every 10 seconds.

    Whilst playing you will have the following buffs:
    • Speed 2
    • Saturation 3
    • Regeneration 3
    You will also spawn in with 2 items. The first is a stick called the Rolling pin of Slappyness which has unbreaking 10 and knockback 5. This is useful for knocking back other players away from crops or animal types you want! When you knock a player back you will inflict them with Nausea II for 4 seconds.

    The other is a stone axe called The Butcher’s Death axe which has unbreaking 10 on it. This is your main way of slaying animals around the map.

    The game lasts 5 minutes and is kept track of in the scoreboard on the right hand side. There are warnings for 1 minute and 30 seconds to end as well as 10 second countdown to the end. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to craft all your food and store it in your ender chest - only food items in there will count towards your final score!


    When broken the crops will slowly regrow- during this time you cannot break them. Wheat, carrots and potatoes take 50 seconds to regenerate, while cocoa pods take 20 seconds and sugarcane takes 10 seconds per growth stage (30 second in total). The entire sugarcane stem is broken no matter which piece is broken!


    In each corner of the map there is a grass plain marked out by wooden slabs. Every 10 seconds 4 random mobs will spawn here which can be killed for their loot:
    • Pigmen: 1 flint and steel (25% chance), 5 gold nuggets
    • Pig: 1-2 Raw porkchop
    • Chicken: Egg, raw chicken
    • Snowman: Pumpkin
    • Cow: 1-2 bucket of milk (bucket can be reused), 1-3 raw beef
    • Mooshroom: bowl, red and brown mushrooms

    Cake Drop(top)


    Every minute a cake will fall from the sky and land in one of the animal pens. Rockets will indicate where this is. Since cake is worth many points it is often fought over!



    Whilst you have 6 furnaces in your kitchen, only 2 will be powered at the start. To power more furnaces you must kill Pigmen who will have a chance of dropping a flint and steel which can be used to fire up an unlit furnace.

    Beware however, if an enemy player manages to get inside your kitchen and place a poisonous potato inside your furnace, ALL items will be ejected from it and the furnace will be deactivated for 30 seconds. It is therefore a good idea to keep the door to your kitchen closed as you are the only one who can open it.

    Remember that only items in your ender chest will count towards your final score!

    End Game!(top)

    When the game is over the points are tallied up and the winner is revealed! There is an XP reward for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place which are:

    1st: 40 xp
    2nd: 20 xp
    3rd: 10 xp
    If you beat your previous high score: 5 xp