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Conagher's Abandoned Mineshaft

Oct 14, 2018
Conagher's Abandoned Mineshaft
  • [IMG]

    Conagher's Abandoned Mineshaft is an abandoned mine built in the usual Minecraft style turned into a mini-dungeon. It is located near the Cave System Entrance of Sirus and it's the quickest way to get to this dungeon.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (880, -1680)
    Difficulty 4.0/10
    Number of Chests 3
    Zombie Content Medium - Zombie Spawners
    Parkour content Medium
    Puzzle/Trap Content High
    Minimum Players 1
    Other Requirements None

    General Resources
    Water Refill Nearby
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser X
    Elite Dispenser X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common 3
    Dungeon Uncommon X
    Dungeon Rare X

    • Dungeon Room
      • 3 dungeon_common

    Video Walkthrough(top)

    • A detailed walkthrough of the dungeon can be found here Link


    First Segment (Difficulty: 2/10)
    • One-wide corridor, with gravel taking up the rest of the space.
    • You will have to make a four block jump over the lava.
    Second Segment (Difficulty: 4/10)
    • Wooden pressure plates trigger pistons to push in the walls, knocking you into the lava.
    • Run and jump straight through the middle blocks and between the webs, avoiding the plates.
      • For a more accurate jump, shoot arrows at the two front pressure plates causing the pistons to trigger. (You can also drop items for this method)
    • Turn left after Segment 2 and loot the dungeon_in chest there.
    Third Segment (Difficulty: 5/10)
    • A hallway lined with pressure plates, some of which trigger dispensers to launch potions to splash you with weakness/slowness.
    • Carefully jump over the plates until the end.
    Fourth Segment (Difficulty: 4/10)
    • A hallway of dispensers that shoots Fire Charges.
    • The initial stone plate fires a slowness and weakness potion.
    • Drop an item onto the tripwire and wait for the fire charges to dispense.
    • Walk through an repeat.
    Final Segment - Loot (Difficulty: 3/10)
    • Do not press the button. It will spawn a pigman on top of you
    • The Emerald Ore corridor leads you to the room with two dungeon_out chests. A spawner sits right next to the chests.
    • There is a single trap plate between the rails which throws an instant damage III potion (six hearts of damage) when stepped on. Walk to the sides.
    • The Diamond Ore corridor leads you to the start of Segment 2.
      • Likewise, there's also a trap plate here that will do six hearts of damage as well, between the rails.
    Exiting (Difficulty: 4/10)
    • You will need to fall through a web at the end of the diamond ore. Use a bow to pick off zombie opportunists.
    • When exiting, be mindful of the 4.5 block jump. Using sugar is highly advised.

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • Although there is no water in the dungeon itself, there is a water source near the entrance.
    • Activating a redstone ore will splash you with damage potions after the first segment.
    • You may encounter people here coming from or going to Sirus.


    • The Engineer from the FPS game 'Team Fortress 2' is referred to as Mister Conagher, as is his grandfather. This could be a reference.

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Speedless - Solo Unhinge 0:37 August 8th 2018 Link