Oct 5, 2014
  • The Cheers plugin is currently unavailable and will be readded soon. (TM)

    The Cheers plugin is Shotbow's friends list system, available to all members. You can add/remove, send/read messages, and even add a note to remember them by! You can see which of your friends are online by using the TAB players list.
    There are 5 base commands for the friends system. /friend, /friends, /sbf, /cheers and /c - All 5 are the exact same, but you may prefer to use /c as it is the shortest. This guide will use the command /friend, but any of the 5 commands can be used. (/friend request is the exact same as /c request)
    Using any of the base commands by themselves will enable/disable the friends list in the TAB menu.

    The TAB list will show you 3 things about a friend. Their username, the server they are on, and a custom note you can add to them. The list will also tell you how many unread messages you have, your current server, and how many pending friend requests you have left.


    So it's time to send some friend requests to all your friends. To send a request, simply type /friend request send (player) [message] and they will receive a request. The message is optional.

    You may also get friend requests. These can be handled with 4 commands -
    • /friend request list - Lists pending friend requests.
    • /friend request accept (player) - Accepts that player's friend request.
    • /friend request deny (player) - Denies that player's friend request.
    • /friend request block (player) - Blocks that player from sending friend requests.
    Additionally, you can use /friend request toggleto allow/disallow friend requests from other players.
    You can use the TAB list to see how many pending requests you have left.


    A nifty feature of the system allows you to send a message to your friends. They can read this message the next time they are online, and it will be kept for them for 48 hours. After that it is deleted.

    To start, you'll probably want to send a message. You can use /friend msg send (friend) (message) to send a message to that friend. When you get messages, you can check them with the following two commands -
    • /friend msg open - Opens your oldest message.
    • /friend msg check [message #] - Check your messages. Adding a message number will open that message.
    An unread message count will also appear in the TAB list.

    When you want to reply, you can either use /friend msg send (friend) (message) again, or use the /friend msg reply (message) command to reply to the last message you opened.

    Managing your friends.(top)

    When your friends list gets long, you'll want to be able to manage it. When your friends list is too long for a single page on the TAB list, you can use /friend manage page (page #) to switch between pages.
    Adding notes can be useful for identifying a player. These notes appear on the right side of the TAB list. You can use /friend manage note (friend) (note) to add a note to that player. There is a 14 character limit on notes.
    Lastly, when you don't want to be friends with a player anymore, you can use /friend manage remove (friend) to remove them.


    /friend lobby (friend) - Sends you to that friend's lobby.
    /friend offline (on/off) - Changes your status to show as always offline to your friends when on.