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CB: Arenas

Aug 5, 2013
CB: Arenas
  • Crafty Bomber comes with one default arena, which players can use by joining a quick game. This arena features grass floors, stone brick walls and wood breakable walls. 4 players only.

    If someone wishes to, they may build a custom arena of their own. To get started, type /cb build and you'll be presented with your options.
    You'll have 7 options for your arena -
    Use /cb set (Option) (#/Block type) to set the options for your game. For the blocks used in Floor, Wall and Breakable, block IDs and block names are both acceptable. The blocks must be solid (no beds, no spawners, etc.)
    For Width and Length, you can use any number between 9 and 39. Players must be 2, 3 or 4.
    Itemchance is the probability an item will drop from a breakable wall. 100 being 100%.

    When finished, type /cb build again and you will be transported to your arena. Other players are free to join by typing /cb join (yourname).

    The Data Values page on the minecraft wiki will be very helpful.