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Cave of the Dead Lady

Nov 14, 2018
Cave of the Dead Lady
  • Cave of the Dead Lady is temporarily closed until further notice

    Cave of the Dead Lady is a dungeon in the North between Al Hasa and Frostbain. The dark cave ends with the shrine of The Dead Lady and a sign saying "Offer Yourself as a sacrifice!" with a button next to it. If the button is pressed, two Giants spawn. The cave has a waterfall in front of it, commonly used for traveling up out of the canyons and down into the canyons.

    General Info
    Coordinates (240, -3350)
    Area Type Statue in a Cave
    Number of Buildings 1
    Zombie Threat Medium
    Number of Chests None
    Lootable Graves None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser ?
    Elite Dispenser X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common ?
    Dungeon Uncommon ?
    Dungeon Rare ?

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • As of 15th of August, there's no longer a chest on top of the statue.
    • The Giants in the final chamber should not be spawned if unprepared.
    • To the right of the statue, there's a hole in the wall which is extremely useful for fighting Giants as they will not be able to kick you from there.
    • This dungeon is not very recommended to go to because it's fairly out of the way from many other locations; however, it makes a fine pit stop while going in or out of the canyon via the waterfall.


    • The entrance to the dungeon (the waterfall) has been locked for a while now. A door was put in front of the entrance along with a redesign of the waterfall and the area around it on the Origins Part 1 Update.
      • This redesign was actually from a build submission by Mosh_Von_Void [Link]

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    Inside the Cave.
    The door without the waterfall. Taken during a PvP event, 2016.