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Carmi Route

Dec 6, 2017
Carmi Route
  • Description: This route is for those who spawn between Romero and Geuten, although, you can also attempt this route if you spawn as far away as Camp Bell. It aims to get the player to the North easily. It is a useful route for both beginners and

    1) spawn between Camp Bell and Geuten
    2) Head to Carmi if you spawn near Geuten, head to Romero and farm small amounts of food and quickly head to Carmi. Be careful to not be stopped by other players or even Bandits, who can often be seen there.
    3) Once in Carmi, gather food and basic armor, as well as Health Potions. Watch out for players!
    4) After gathering enough resources, head to Saens.
    5) Quickly loot all chests, and then head on to Afaya.
    :cool: gather as much resources as you need in Afaya. From there you can go to many places, like the Canyons, or Agni Ignis.

    For the Canyons, head to Grayvale and swim right past it, until you arrive at land, where you just have to carefully climb down the canyon wall at the south-eastern point of the canyon (before you climb down, look if it is save to go down and always take the smallest jumps, you should not die if you are careful!), or just go to Knoxmoor and take the stair, which is a safer way but takes longer..

    For Agni Ignis, you can just head there straight, but you want good equipment for the trip and the stop, for which you can make stops in Tristitia, Fort Forthwind, Pileus and Kauri or other.
    Happy exploring!
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