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Camp Azara

Nov 8, 2018
Camp Azara
  • [IMG]

    Camp Azara is an encampment in the North. It sits atop a lone mountain in a large canyon. There is a path leading up the hill to the camp, which requires a jump over lava in a mine section inside the mountain. There is an iron door leading to a single room_uncommon chest just before the lava. Although you can skip this jump by doing parkour on the hill side to get up.

    General Info
    Coordinates (1400, -2200)
    Area Type Camp
    Number of Buildings 3
    Zombie Threat Medium
    Number of Chests 9
    Lootable Graves None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Food Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 2
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests 1
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests 4
    Epic Chests 1
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 1
    Rare Chests X

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Cafeteria
      • 2 food_uncommon
    • Forge
      • 2 mil_rare
      • 1 tools_common
      • Roof
        • 1 mil_rare
    • Well
      • 1 mil_epic
    • Tent
      • 1 mil_rare
    • Railroad (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • Zombies generally don't spawn in the camp due to its small size, but larger amounts can spawn on the sides of the mountain, making it more dangerous to traverse the path up and down.
    • There is nothing to be found in the area below the jump over lava. If you fall down here there's no way back up unless you have a grapple.
    • Camp Azara is worth it if you are in need of food or water, because it spawns 2 food_uncommon chests and has a water refill.
    • The room_uncommon requires a button to get to and there's a pressure plate to get out.
    • Due to its close proximity to Eillom, watch your back, as bandits may attack any survivors that avoid Eillom.
    • You can easily come down with the Stairway, however it is quicker if you jump down the cliff.
    • Always watch for nametags when you go down the mountain. Bandits will wait on the end of the path to kill you.
    • Camp Azara is a good place to farm iron before going further North to Al Hasa or Abandoned Farm.
    • If you find yourself in a sticky situation at Eillom, your best bet is to run up Azara, but watch out for the holes while you sprint!
    • If you don't want to risk the deadly jump in the cave, it is very possible to climb up the mountain and enter the camp without a grapple. This, however, will use lots of food; do keep in mind food can be found in the camp itself.
    • You will rarely come across bandits here with less populated servers.
    • Travelling between here and Eillom can be effective because the combined loot can result in a well-geared player. However, this is one of the most dangerous paths in the game, and on a largely populated server, you will almost always find someone, usually with reasonable high-tier gear.
    • In case of a problem, you can climb and gain access to a roof by vines and walking on the hatch. It also makes a possible place to farm zombie kills, because it's totally safe from them.
    • The camp is on one of the major routes for players travelling in the canyons.
    • The top of the mountain can be easily defended from players and zombies with a bow - Punch bows are particularly effective, as they knock attackers off the path very easily.

    Trivia (top)

    • The fact that this is a mountain outpost means it could have been a fishing outpost when the canyon had been rich in water.
    • This build was submitted by Basxt and it was named Hill Azara instead of Camp Azara.


    • There's a Lore Book here:

      Field Report 22 - Lieutenant McDaniel
      Day 17:
      Food is running low, Jason isn't looking good and is becoming dangerous. We've stashed some military gear where he can no longer reach it and we may abandon this base later this week.