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Axis Mundi

Nov 13, 2018
Axis Mundi
  • Axis Mundi is temporarily closed until further notice

    The Library of Axis Mundi is a huge underground location boasting knowledge about the MineZ world. It was added on the Secret Project Update and it holds some very special loot. 7 players are required to obtain an exclusive item. In order to access the library, all three keys, the Dusk Fragment from Shrine of the Dusk, the Dawn Fragment from Path of Light and the Rod of Reclamation from Overgrown Tomb, have to be obtained in advance.

    General Info
    Coordinates (800, -3835)
    Area Type Grand Library
    Number of Buildings 1
    Zombie Threat Low
    Number of Chests 14
    Lootable Graves None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser ?
    Elite Dispenser ?
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common ?
    Dungeon Uncommon ?
    Dungeon Rare ?

    Loot Chests(top)

    • 10 axis_library
    • 4 dungeon_out

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • After throwing the three keys into the three hoppers to access it, the entrance will only stay open for 30 seconds.
    • This location contains no food, so be sure to bring enough.
    • 7 stone pressure plates on the ground floor have to be stood on simultaneously to obtain an exclusive item from the dispenser in the West.
    • Unless you have the three keys, it will be a wasted trip here, as all the loot spawns inside the library.


    • This location is widely considered the 'Lore endgame'.
    • Axis Mundi is believed to be the world center or the connection between Heaven and Earth in certain beliefs and philosophies. It can also be found in cultures with technically advanced "urban centers".
    • The strange symbols on the walls in the library correspond to the runic alphabet.


    • Being a library, there are several Lore Blocks here. They read:

      Before you lies the great library of Axis Mundi.
      Before the Sealing of Hestril and The Great Banishment, this library was part of a great city.
      The city of Axis Mundi was the focal point of the world.
      Magic flowed through the entire city of Axis Mundi like water.
      It became the meeting point of humans and gods.
      Without the gods influence on the city, these mega-structures fell apart.
      As the world grew more chaotic, these ruins, containing traces of magic, were spared.

      The Before Times Volume 1:
      Without the stability Hestril provided, the four god became corrupted as well.
      Tyranny was introduced to the land.
      The four believing they should have absolute domain.

      The Before Times Volume 2:
      The gods became ruthless, laying waste to full towns of the world.
      From the ashes, humans rose up.

      The Before Times Volume 3:
      The humans revolted, beginning a war with the divine.
      At Grimdale, the capital of human settlements, they met.

      The Before Times Volume 4:
      From all corners, the humans surged to this bastion.
      In this moment, the race of men were able to unite.

      The Before Times Volume 5:
      Mages of all beliefs worked tirelessly crafting each spire as one would simply not be enough to contain the powerful gods.
      In a final act of defiance towards the humans, the gods released a plague upon the world, to serve as revenge for this horrible betrayal.

      The Before Times Volume 6:
      Without the influence of the gods, magic drained from the world.
      Magic, which was deeply rooted into this world, which held it together, weakened.

      The Before Times Volume 7:
      As the plague advanced, and the magic waned, the world began ripping apart.
      Great ravines began forming across the world, as it was torn.
      Eventually the seal will weaken, and all will be destroyed, only to be remade again.

      These are odd skeletons like you've never seen before.
      They look really old.

      These books all seem to be boring...
      Get to the action novels!

      Have you ever looked at something for so long that you forgot about it?
      That's what we're doing right now.
      Some of these books don't even make sense.

      How to tie your shoes
      You wanna learn how to tie your shoes?
      It's a very easy thing to do.
      Just sit down and I'll give you the scoop...
      What's that, you think to yourself?
      It's called the loop-de-loop.
      You put a lace in each hand.
      You go over and under again, take your loop-de-loop and pull and your shoes are looking cool!

      The Art of Banditing
      Step 1: Don't speak of Banditing.

      In the waning days of the great schism between Dentril and Hestril, the followers of Dentril launched an assault on the people of the world. In an effort to buy time for the civilians of the world, the Archmage of Agni Ignis, Nikoali, sacrificed herself to put up a barrier and offset the vile magic of Dentril. Her sacrifice was not in vain and allowed the four gods to seal the two away.

      The Giants came from lands far away, wanting the lush grassy plains to be their home... They soon came to outlive the lands they desired.

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    Inside the library.