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Assault: Getting Started

Aug 10, 2015
Assault: Getting Started
  • To begin playing Assault, run over to the villager underneath the big Assault sign, or open your inventory and click on the Assault server. You will spawn in the Assault lobby and immediately download a resource pack. If you did not download one, you must either click on the download link typed in to chat or leave and rejoin the server to try to get it to download.

    You will hold two items, a saber and an emerald. You may move to your left and enter the building to test out the classes. There will also be a bit of information laid out on signs around the inside sides of the building. If you wish to join a game, simply right click the saber and choose a saber (green for beginning, yellow for currently playing, red for ending).

    Beginning a game(top)

    You will enter a game with another saber. Right click this and you will be able to choose your team. These teams must be balanced, whether premium or not, and trying to choose a team with more players will not allow you. Choosing sith will turn your name red and you must fight and kill all green jedi players. Choosing jedi will turn your name green and you must fight all red sith players.

    You will then have a choice of classes. For more information on Assault classes, go to Assault: Classes and choose whichever team you'd like to find out more about.


    Kills are important to the game. Each kill will net you a bit of Shotbow XP. Each kill will also give you a point to your team. The first team to reach 60 total kills wins.

    You are also able to become an MVP based on the amount of kills you earn. The player with the most kills gets bonus Shotbow XP, which ends up being more xp than a win, meaning getting your team kills becomes extremely important.
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