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Annihilation: Valleys

Jul 17, 2018
Annihilation: Valleys
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    Needs update image of the map

    Valleys is the third map in Annihilation, released along with Skylands. However, due to lack of widespread community support for the map, as well as several glitches that occur on this map, it was removed, and Castles was introduced. In the update on October 6, 2013. It was re-added, along with Canyon and Amazon. Valleys was later removed again in the May 2014 update. It was then re-built by Sandstoner and re-re-added again on December 2, 2015! The map has a large diamond mine and bases. There are 4 anvils, some iron blocks, as well as a beacon on a small Tower on the largest bridge above the diamond mine.

    There is a Valleys 2.0 rumored to be in the works.

    Markers on the map detail the location of the mines (see the appropriate icon), enderfurnace (furnace), Nexus (Colored Star) and golem arenas (golem head); however, the golems have been removed. There is a Wither as replacement now.

    Image is extremely outdated. Wither and witch spawns need to be added and Golem spawn needs to be removed

    -Strategy 1
    -Strategy 2
    -Strategy 3

    -Tip 1
    -Tip 2
    -Tip 3