Annihilation: Solumque

Sep 29, 2014
Annihilation: Solumque
  • Solumque was voted into rotation for the September map update 2014.
    It is the first Nether-Themed Annihilation map. This map is made by BreekFout and FireGuyNL, and many more from Team Dutch Only a dutch Annihilation clan, and by skillerfox3, a member of team Fenetic.

    The maps below shows locations of mines.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    It is a relative small map with lava, which make it a quite dangerous map.
    Resources for defence (dirt, wool etc.) can be found in the Lapis Lazuli mine.
    The huge mountain contains 2 Coal mines, 1 Iron mine, 1 Redstone mine, and on top of the mountain, 1 Emerald mine.
    The Gravel resources can be found at each base (the gravel is a bridge over the lava).

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