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Annihilation: Skybridging

Jul 11, 2017
Annihilation: Skybridging
  • Using a Skybridge is a popular way to get to an enemy's nexus, and is especially effective with the transporter class as they can create a teleporter for quick access to the end of the bridge. Skybridges are more useful with a launch pad at the end of the bridge in order to prevent fall damage. Multiple launch pads are recommended as there are often several people attempting to leave the bridge at once!

    This the most popular form of skybridge and is the easiest to build. However, it is also the easiest to find and counter. Here is a picture of one


    It is usually made out of wood and takes about 256 wooden planks (64 logs) to make on most maps. Skybridges are often repeatedly used by players with leather armour, as this is the fastest mode of transportation, and is a very effective offensive strategy. It is also very effective to turn all the planks into slabs. Gives you two times more and does not effect the overall outcome of the bridge itself. For example, 64 logs can create 256 wood blocks or 512 slabs.

    Dealing with an enemy skybridge can be as simple as pillaring up and breaking the tp, if there is one, and mining out sections of the bridge. Alternatively, you can add ladders to your pillar/put stairs on your side of the bridge and "hijack" the bridge for your own team! But the most effective way to deal with skybridges is the Vampire class. You can fly up to insanely high skybridges, take down their teleport, and remove their launchpad.

    Also, when placing the tp, make sure it is not visible from the bottom, or else it will be much easier for the defenders to break. Another tip, make the Skybridge as high as you can, so it's hard to 'hijack'. The only downside to that is that you have to use Acrobat or Assassin to get on the ground safely.

    You can also add a base at the end of the bridge to store armor so your teammates can get geared up before they jump off the jump pad to give your team some force in their attacks.

    If there are any other types of bridging then please change this page but otherwise please keep it as it is.