Annihilation: Kingdom

Jan 30, 2017
Annihilation: Kingdom
  • Kingdom is an Annihilation map somewhat similar to Andorra, in which teams are located on the sides of the map rather than the corners. All the mines (except diamond) are found underneath your own base, iron and coal mines can be reached via the walkway just outside the walls. Redstone and gold can be found closer to the front facing the center of the map. Emeralds can be found behind the waterfall in the front.
    Markers on the map detail the location of the mines (see the appropriate icon), enderfurnace (furnace), Nexus (Colored Star) and golem arenas (golem head); however, the golems have been removed.
    It is interesting to note that the middle of the map is the exact same structure as the SMASH map Cathedral (without the parkour and altar in the middle, and with diamond ore and differing colors of carpet).
    This map tends to have more, less successful, rushers and often includes skybridging.